Boris Johnson is the Mayor of London and a strong political figure of the Conservatives. He comes from a good family, if not exactly from money, went to Eton, then Oxford, then had a lightweight job in a conservative weekly, The Spectator -now owned by Barclay Brothers that also owns the Telegraph were Johnson often writes. Funny, lightweight articles by the way. Easy peasy.

What they never tell you is: What did he study at Oxford? 


Yes, Classical Greek and related subjects. Something without the least relevance to today’s world.

Wide boy of Politics

The most difficult thing Boris Johnson did in his life was to learn the aoristo. A kind of Past Imperfect of the Ancient Greeks, to explain it somehow.

This is the man who some people believe is groomed to be Prime Minister of Great Britain.

In today’s Britain there is an element of farce in the make-up of their ruling class, something phony, hard to put a finger on it. No, it wasn’t always like this.

 PS. August, 2012.  Boris went on to be Mayor of London,  and he was reelected so people must be happy with him.  It is now the Olympics 2012 and Boris is all the time in the limelight.

Por Armando

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