Spain, open your eyes.
We don’t need another hero! We don’t need another war!

Fini, leader of the Italian «post-fastcist» Alianza Nazionale, proposes Aznar as President of the EU.
Aznar ! The draft dodger ! Aznar didn’t do his compulsory military service in Spain, at the time of Franco. Like all draft dodgers he had to probe he was a real Macho Man sending our young to die in Irak. It also brought down on us the wrath of the Islamist, and many civilians paid with their lives in the Madrid train attacks, many more with their health.
Now that hero, Aznar, and his mi amigo Blair, have gotten rich from lobbying.

Rajoy, who doesn’t speak any foreign languages, mixes in Europe with Sarkozy and Merkel, although he doesn’t get a word of what they tell him.
Rajoy says he is going to put Spain back in its place in the concert of Europe.
Our place in the concert of europe is perfect: a second fiddle, that is us.

I bet the PP get us into another war, maybe worse than Irak.
What we want is our soldiers back from Libano, from Afganistan, from Yugoeslavia and back home.
Just look at the USA and the UK. They have gone broke because of the wars.

We don’t need another hero! We don’t need another war!

Por Armando

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