DYSTOPIA a few miles away from the shores of the USA

The language barrier is broken and you can visit the blog of Yoani Sánchez, a woman Cuban journalist, a mother, she lacks everything you take for granted -and freedom, too.
She doesn’t have Internet, Yoani writes her blog and takes it to friendly foreign journalists who post it for her. She rarely sees the results. Her heroic efforts earned her the respected Ortega y Gasset prize in Spain, but she’s not allowed to travel.
Only the Nomenklatura in Cuba can read her, and of course the rest of the world, but not the Cuban people.

You want a glimpse of a post-Collapse Dystopia, pick and choose

☼  How to get a car, or not
☼  They don’t let her travel
☼  Lack of lifts
☼  How many chickens have you eaten in your life?
☼  T-shirt police
☼  Request for the school
☼  Nostalgia for pizza
☼  Internet only for the rich
☼  Soviet school snack
☼  Come to Dystopia and live it
☼  Taken for a yuma
☼  Brief encounter with Mariela, daughter of Castro
☼  Control for food
☼  Numantia
☼  Hospitals, you bring everything
☼  Short-cycle crops
☼  Transport

If you were fascinated by the Argentinean collapse this will blow your mind.  Yes, this and much, much worse is going to happen in your country when the consequences of Peak Petrol and the Great Depression II hits the world.

PS. I am surprised. A few minutes after I posted this, a reference to my post appeared in the comments in the blog of Yoani, English language version.  Anyway, anything to help Yoani an Internet hero indeed.

Por Armando

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