Completamente a favor de esta moda estival


Hasta The Times no se resiste


From The Sunday Times

This is the summer of hot pants

The editor of Style has tried to resist, but the world’s foremost stylemakers have spoken and teeny tiny pants are in

Look at those hot pants Gisele is wearing on the cover of the latest V magazine. V is America’s glossiest trend bible, and if we needed further evidence that hot pants are the height of fashion, here we have it. Of course, you might think the last time you saw something so dreadful was back in the 1980s, and the last time you saw such a cheap porn shot was behind the peanut packets in your local, but take it from V, the hot pants are Guess, the model is Gisele, the photographer is Testino and the look is super-hot.


Regalito de verano boreal para los que soportan el invierno austral.

Por Armando

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