In Montroi, Valencia they sold illegal homes to the British and other Europeans

Mr Rodney, 62 years old. His wife was ill and they saw an advertisement of Zodiac Vilages in Valencia.  Good climate, sunshine, a hillside property near a river.  they were promised good security, a train and even an artificial lake, 30 Kms from the great capital –of the pirates of the Mediterranean, Valencia.

Mr Rodney paid 150.000 euros but when they went to see their property it was nothing like he had been promised: no pool, not even a fence round the house, no services.  No water. No electricity.

He didn’t speak Spanish so he was helpless in his dealings with the city of Montroi, and with good reason: everything was illegal, and the mayor, two engineers and four businessmen are now accused, and of course not in prison, out on bail.

Rodney doesn’t even own a house at all, it is a bit of rustic land that can not be built on and can not be sold separately, and the whole land is embargoed anyway.

It is the same story all over the Mediterranean shores of Valencia and Alicante under the misrule of the Partido Popular of Aznar, Zaplana, Camps, Alperi.

Do not buy anything in Spain, and specially nothing in Valencia:  they are all crooks and the Justice is slow, incompetent and very often corrupt -and with slow I mean like twenty years slow.  You’ll better off with the Mafia in Sicily that with this people.

Por Armando

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