In Uruguay, a small and poor South American country, ALL school children have a Computer given to them by the State. It is the X0, a cheap and rugged computer, with Flash Memory and WiFi, sound, camera and microphone, educational software: a Netbook for children we could say.

The children take it home, use it for homework.  It has strong security measures so is useless to steal it, as it will not work.

☼  As you can see in the photograph all the schoolchildren in Uruguay, girls and boys alike, wear a white smock and a big dark blue tie.  It is a way to cover differences in class, often expressed in clothes, and also the white smocks are easy to keep clean for the better health of the children.

Needless to say, the situation in the schools in Spain is far worse and in every way more backward than in Uruguay.

Por Armando

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  1. Unfortunately, the older brothers of these children, addicted to «pasta base», a poor derivate of cocaine, steel the laptops to buy drugs.
    And if you need or just want an XO, you just have to buy them directly to their parents.
    Besides, «too much information»(As Sting says) without a properly cultural environment, given by qualified teachers, sink the children into a pit of a sort of autism.
    Porn webpages and free navigation without parental guide (they don´t even know how to switch on the machines), take the little boys and girls to ways that doesn´t have anything to do with education.
    I think it´ll be better to teach the teachers how to use the laptops and how to use the inmense power of the Internet.

  2. It happens, but it is remarkable that it doesn’t happen a lot. It opens up a world for the children.
    As to the teachers, well, they are on strike right now -the teachers or the high-school teachers, maybe with good reasons because of the many lacks in the schools, bad buildings, rain leaks, freezing conditions in the classrooms, violence in class and in the neighborhoods. Nevertheless it is not good for the children and in general for the discipline necessary in society.

    The drug problems, in a country with just 3,5 million people, and full of policemen, snitches and narks (batilanas) if there’s drug commerce it is because they let it happen.

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