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Social media: $10.5bn for 140 characters? Twitter floats. #bargain

Observer editorial: The social media site is coming to the market with a huge valuation, but is it worth it?


@twitter, which announced IPO last week, says fastest growing age demographic is 55- to 64-year-olds. #getting_with_it

#firsttweet by co-founder @Jack read «just setting up my twittr» sent on 21/3/06, at 3.50pm.

#billionthtweet 3 years 2 months 1 day later


#disciples 569,111 people follow @Jesus «Carpenter, Healer, God». 16,375,197 follow @HarryStyles

@WallSt PLEASE RT Every day 1m new @twitter accounts registered, more than one per second. 60% users access from mobile #Wow_crucial_USP


@daily_chomsky is an unofficial site. Noam himself says Twittr «is not medium of a serious interchange» and «tends twd superficiality» #discuss


@OED «tweeting» was fast-tracked into 2013 dictionary. (Entered with «big data», «e-reader», «mouseover» and «stream[vb]» #newlingo

#battle_of_the_sexes. 58% of tweets are from women. On @facebook women 55+ play more games than 15-24 males and 25-34 males combined


#payday when @twitter floats it will be valued at up to $20bn. Up to $3bn each for co-founders @biz, @jack, @ev. Revenues < $1bn a year


#how_twittr_makes_money businesses pay for promoted tweets to be top of pile; they also pay to emphasise #hashtags targeted to users

@campbellclaret @stephenfry @justinbieber studies suggest more than 10 tweets a day is considered a turn-off for followers #enoughalready


☼  #confused? To make some sense of it all, we are delighted to announce @ObsTechMonthly, first issue with today’s paper

Alice Crook@AliceCrook 12 sep

Looking forward to seeing the real @ObsTechMonthly this weekend! Ad spotted @guardiancoffees #guardiancoffee pic.twitter.com/D2f2zHZ4f1

Observer Magazine@ObsMagazine 

Morning! Do pick up today’s Observer – new look mag AND our sleek @ObsTechMonthly supplement launches! We’ll tweet mag highlights as usual..

Alok Jha@alokjha 

In every @ObsTechMonthly I’ll be writing abt physics equations. First up, Maxwell’s equations on electromagnetism: http://gu.com/p/3tm39/tw

☼ ¡ Ecuaciones diferenciales en un periódico dominical inglés!  Toma ya y chúpala, El país/Madrid

Jan Neumeister@JanNeumeister1 

Have nailed the cover of @ObsTechMonthly better than @daraobriain!Great read esp Nobel prize graphic #owntheweekend pic.twitter.com/04C6sMURzm

Laura Jones@LauraSJones24 

Unleashing my inner geek this Sunday with @ObsTechMonthly #owntheweekend pic.twitter.com/ffqyvaykr8





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