The government of Aznar in Spain fed us a continuous, stupefying load of bull. There has been a shameless manipulation of every statistic, a succession of barefaced lies in the face of stark evidence, a harassment of the press and the media, the political corruption of justice, education, foreign relations and internal affairs and the feeding of trash Reality TV to a people with little schooling, almost functionally illiterate.
The philosophical base of the ideology, nay, of the catholic theology, of Aznar lies in the
Opus Dei of the arribiste priest Escrivá de Balaguer as he wrote in Camino (Road) :
* holy intransigence, holy coercion, holy shamelessness *
In the view of this catholic sect, getting rich is the path to Salvation, greed the only end worth pursuing in this life and this end justifies any means.
Even the Jesuits, that other poisonous plant that also sprang from the tainted Spanish soil didn’t dare go so far.
Let’s not be so philosophical and let me give a concrete example -I could give you a
thousand- of the most shameless political corruption, in this case perhaps the most corrupt of the men of Aznar.
Eduardo Zaplana, the strong man of Comunidad Valenciana (in the Mediterranean of Spain and about the size of Israel) used to be a poor lawyer, fighting the contested seat for Mayor of Benidorm -a tourist trap for the British tourists. He had lost the election but he corrupted a socialist woman to vote for him and it made him mayor. From then on he was elected President of the Autonomy of Comunidad Valenciana (something like Governor of an American State, to give a quick, inexact comparison).
If politics is pork chops he’s certainly got the pork chops.
One of his tricks was to pass a law to help housewives who had their old parents living with them and so maintain our traditional way of life and also save the state a lot of money in the care of old people. That was what he said, not what he did.
He paid it one year. He saw that it was a lot of money, his party could not get any graft from it and the impact on the conscience of the public had been positive.
So he stopped paying it. The law was there, but the money wasn’t there.
He could boast of helping the needy population, of doing a good thing for the family while spending hardly any money at all.
A swell trick, and he went on to do it in the whole of Spain. He would pass a law or rule, then simply wouldn’t act on it.

In the day of the massacre of Madrid, and days later, we could see Zaplana on TV, impressive in his dark blue suit, blue shirt, blue tie, dark tan, black oily hair, his eyes like a pair of boiled eggs, serious looking -at the camera- and lying through his teeth as he is been doing all these years to such good results.
When Aznar or Zaplana, two well-known liars say they do not lie, they are telling the truth.
Because in their eyes truth doesn’t exist. Only the end -holiness in this earth- justifies
the means. In this they are like the Communists and it is very interesting that the administration of Aznar was rotten with ex-Communists and even people who used to be still more to the left, practically Marxist terrorists of the Red Brigades type.
One of the ministers of Aznar had been a card-carrying member of the Communist Party. When asked about the extreme contradiction of being Minister of a government of the extreme right this neocon answered
* «If you are not a Communist at twenty you don’t have a heart and if you are not a
Conservative at forty you don’t have a fortune» (he actually said ‘a brain’, but a fortune
was what he meant.)
Escrivá de Balaguer, their mentor, was a poor, hungry priest in the 1940s from a poor part of Spain, when the Second World War raged in Europe, when Spain was under the thrall of Nazism, just after the Civil War, under the influence of Goebbels and Stalin and everything in that awful time. It is not strange that this poor, ambitious priest, living in dirty bedsits, stinking of boiled cabbage and dirty feet, wet socks and stale urine, contaminated with the ideology of Nazism and Communism, created this sect that would make him rich, successful and holy, even if he embraced the question of Pilates
* Quid est Veritas?
Escrivá de Balaguer and his followers didn’t even bothered to wash their hands.

* ‘Articuentos’ de J J Millás. Son artículos-cuentos, breves y excelentes. Podéis leer
muchos de ellos en
* ‘El Fanal Hialino’ de Andrés Trapiello. A sensitive diary from a great poet and sharp
It is revealing of the present state of Spain under Aznar that in an interview in El
Cultural, when asked what he would tell the new PSOE government of Spain, A Trapiello said
‘Do not lie, do not steal, do not murder’.

I have written the shortest short story in the world, yes Sir.
This record was previously held by A Monterroso, who was a midget and a Communist, and a lazy writer of very short stories because he couldn’t be ar*** to write a long novel.
His short story had SEVEN words. Mine has only SIX.
It is shorter, it is politically engagé, it is realist not fantasy, as Realism is the
Spanish thing, Our thing.
It is mine. Do not steal it or I’ll sue you and believe me, buster, I need the dough and in
the UK the lawyers are real fierce dogs, they’ll have yours for breakfast.
Cuando desperté, Aznar aún era Presidente.’ (r)
(r)Armando Gascón

Por Armando

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