As I say, from Doom-monger to Warmonger there’s but one small step

Jim Kunstler is one of the media stars of the fringe world of doomongering, peak-oilers and other skeptics  of the present situation in the USA and the World at large -let’s not tar them all with the same brush, some are genuine people, very worried about what they see unfolding in front of us.

Kunstler has a blog, a good one with which I often agree, it’s called Clusterfuck Nation.  His main point, and one in which he is likely to be right, is that Suburban American is dying.  That the sprawl generated by cheap oil and powerful, expensive cars is not sustainable and that it is going to be very difficult to implement an alternative and in any case people are not aware there is a problem at all.

I don’t agree with thisthing he says today

No good, in fact, will come of a campaign to sustain the unsustainable, which is exactly what the Obama program is starting to look like. In the folder marked «unsustainable» you can file most of the artifacts, usufructs, habits, and expectations of recent American life: suburban living, credit-card spending, Happy Motoring, vacations in Las Vegas, college education for the masses, and cheap food among them. All these things are over.

Many countries with standards of living much lower than the USA have free University education, yes for the masses, when the students attain some educational standards.

Not only Cuba, most spanish american countries have free school, high-school and University for their citizens and they attain very high educational standards.  Argentina, for example, and Uruguay among the ones I know well, and also Brazil had free University some years ago when I went there, I don’t know now, I haven’t heard of it changing.  That is the case also in Spain and in most European countries.

In fact in Spain, and in France and in Latinamerica the parents send their dim children to the Jesuits and to the Private Universities, -in effect they buy them a title- and they send their bright children to the State ones, because they have higher standards and they get a much better degree for free.

My brother in law, an Engineer and Businessman, told to me that he never hires anyone from a private University as he has to waste his valuable time telling them what to do, while the others know already.

I reckon that if the USA suffers a drop in standards of living and money, and it becomes impossible for most parents to send their children to expensive Colleges, they will adopt a similar approach to that of France, Spain, Germany and Latinoamerica.

Por Armando

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