Peking’s Olympic Games will be the last

It is now November, 2007 and in the UK the projected costs of the Games have shot up to £ 9.3 bn (millardos), that is, 18.7 u$a x10^9 : more than double the original guesstimate in 2004.
The corruption that is setting in is something unbelievable. For example, management costs increased from £16 million to £570 million.
Even in Argentina this would have risen a few eyebrows.
The construction companies and the architects are getting their snouts in the swill, something extraordinary.

Britain, with the ongoing economic crash will go broke if this goes on -today, 800 gms of Hovis bread costs £1.3, up 100 % from a few weeks ago.
It has happened to other countries, Greece, for example and Portugal with the Football World Cup. Even Spain after the Olympics 1992 and the Sevilla International Expo ’92 suffered an economic depression that lasted ten years.
Add to that the Energy crunch in the UK and it is doubtful if the lights will be still on in this country in 2012.


Some would argue that it must go on, to give the masses their bread and circus.
This is no bread, and very little circus: The clowns perform only for a few days.
Nine billion pounds spent in Football, Rugby, Cricket and F1 in Silverstone, that kind of low-brow entertainment beloved by the lager drinking classes, would generate a lot more business and a lot more happiness, of a kind.

It is better to give up on this bad business and not keep on pouring god money after bad.
PS. 1st August 2012. Well, I was wrong and I must eat humble pie. The London Olympics 2012 are taking place and it is a wonderful spectacle. It is a pity that the foreigners do not run a bit slower so that the British could win but there you are! Very few medals has won Britain, and Spain so far up to Tuesday 31st none at all.

Por Armando

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