It used to be a prestigious right wing newspaper read by the ruling class of Britain.  It is now a catastrophist rag that creates fear and despondency among the population

The constant and tiresome attacks against the European Union and specially against the Mediterranean countries like Spain  ( they call us PIGS; recently they add Ireland to the group and they talk of the PIIGS) are a disgusting show of racism and xenophobia and envy.

It beggars belief the depths of stupidity they can fall to, look at this !

They claim that all the countries in Europe would go broke because of Greece, that little country in the corner of Europe.

And of course, if Europe falls, the USA is not going to stand tall.  And then the rest of the world.  Because of Greece !

Not the UK, of course.  Never !  They can devaluate the sterling and give the lenders some worthless paper and all will be well with them.   ¿  People pay money to read this?

The Business pages read like a catalog of doom: Europe sinks, Japan Woe! France, well let’s put some photographs of Sarkozy looking short next to his wife, Spain forget them, they have no banks over there -never mind that Santander is buying the banks of Britain but I think they don’t advertise nearly enough in the Telegraph, a bad thing.

Strange, there are now few news about Russia, there was a lot of grief always against the Russians, the evil men in these movies they sell to the public.

Maybe it is because now the Russians publish a Supplement in the Telegraph, now they are good ‘uns ?


I have lived to see the day when this right wing newspaper who exalts Franco, distributes a supplement of eight pages made by Rossiyskaya Gazeta in Moscow, and paid by the Russian Oligarchs who live in Londongrad.

It is a very good pull-out, by the way, full of interesting information about the capitalist markets in Russia, always carries photographs of those well-known friends of Europe, President Putin and PM Medvedev, many news about Gazprom that good company which sells us gas, cheap too.  This number even had an article about the heroin trade from the poppy fields of Afghanistan into Russia -its main market- and they blamed the Americans for that: they are still intolerant the Russians, they don’t understand how useful it is for the West that they get flooded with heroin, so they fall to sleep and do not give us a hard time.

Things have reached a point with the Daily Telegraph that the other week it carried a wrap-around, urging their readers to NOT throw away the Business supplement without first reading it!

There are now TWO British Newspapers bought by the Russians, a London evening one, and The Independent.

I think that in other times if two British newspapers were bought by ex-KGB millionaires there would had been some kind of demonstration and reaction by the public and the authorities, but now nothing. All is calm.

I hear dominoes falling, but it is not in the Continent.

Por Armando

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