bn = «billion» = 10^9 = 1 000 000000 = millardo

Citigroup usa $18bn
Merrill Lynch usa $14.1bn
UBS Suisse $13.5bn
Morgan Stanley usa $9.4bn
HSBC UK $3.4bn
Bear Stearns usa $3.2bn
Deutsche Bank Germany $3.2bn
Bank of America usa $3bn
Barclays UK $2.6bn
RBS UK $2.6bn
Freddie Mac usa $2bn
JP Morgan Chase usa $3.2bn
Credit Suisse Suisse $1bn
Paribas France $197m
* Banco de Santander España zilch
* Banco Bilbao Vizcaya España nothing
* LaCaixa España nada
* Banco Popular España nil

Source: Company reports

* These four are, in order, the most important banks in Spain.
Let’s hope that the Barclays’ Telegraph, the Barclays’ Business, The Economist and other economic media of England stop their unseemingly campaign against the well managed economy of Spain and its private banks.

Por Armando

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