Of course the foreigners -What do they know?- the only image they like about Spain is this one below and they can’t believe things are not just bad, they wish they were worse. Many say we are a basket case, «de ir con el capazo», as in Africa.  They destroy their own countries, contaminate others and they have to blame somebody else for their mistakes.

Spain simply is not paralytic and we count on our own strengths as always, and such as they are.

This January it was a hard winter, because it snows in Spain, and that’s for the information of people who believe we are some kind of a tropical country.  The roads were if anything too full but the cars didn’t stop. Not for long, that is.

The sky ski slopes in Spain were also full. Formigal here, although this is taken when the masses are not all over the place, this idyllic shot is far from the congestion of people skiing.

In Zaragoza, at the General Motors factory they put photovoltaic panels on the roof

This below is Madrid, The European Gate

Built some years ago. They used to be called KIO towers, for the Kuwait Investment Organization, the less said the better!

Dwarfed now by some new buildings, The Gate of Europe is at the left and hardly shows in comparison. I consider them all in very bad taste, but most people won’t agree with me.

From the sky slopes and the nervous capital of Spain now we move to the shores, where ports like Alicante are full of yachts.  The owners of the yachts are Spanish, most of them, and no, they don’t go very far about in them, they are a sign of opulence not a hobby.  It tells the world that the businessman has gone far in life, as to the sea it is often rough.

Let’s go now to the North, to the industrial city of Bilbao, in the Basque Provinces, the Ruhr of Spain.

They don’t look like a basket case, do they?  To put things in perspective, Great Britain has only one city with a Metropolitan Underground -yes, only one- that is London.  Dublin, the capital of Ireland, the only other English speaking country in Europe, -Ireland that was presented to the world until last year as an example of how to do things economical- doesn’t have an Underground.  It is being built now in Dublin, by Spanish companies among others.

Spain has Metropolitan Undergrounds in Madrid (more than a century old), Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao and the one in Sevilla should be running soon.  That’s four, five soon(Wikipedia).  Even Lisbon has an Underground.

Of course Bilbao is a lot more than the Underground and the Guggenheim Museum.

Even Cadiz, between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and perhaps the oldest city in Western Europe comes back from a slumber of centuries.


Por Armando

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  1. Tiene Ud. razón: En la mejor plana cae un borrón, que decíamos en la escuela.
    Esto me pasa porque las palabras largas y difíciles las busco en el Diccionario, y las cortas me creo que las sé, y meto la pata.

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