The Fraud to Britain of the Ignorant Tories

Simon Heffer is one the many disagreeable Tories who spew their bile in the Torygraph against the European Union, the euro and in general most things in today’s Britain, not the worst country in the world I hasten to say.

As all of the top rank in Toryland this man is totally unqualified to write anything about Europe, about economic matters, about the euro, about politics or the most we’ll grant him, his opinion can not carry more weight than the opinion of any member of the public.   Let see what Wikipedia says of his biography:

Simon James Heffer (born 18 July 1960) is a British journalist, columnist and writer, noted for his right-wing political views. He was educated at King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Yeah, sure, Cambridge indeed. ¿ Educated in whatIn English !!! The Englishman went to Cambridge to study English language and literature, [rather easy subjects for an Englishman, if he knows how to read] and now he dares to write about the euro, about economic matters, about the legality of the European courts and other things totally and a long way above his knowledge.

All the Tories are like that, a false front and there’s nothing of substance behind it

It is like Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, who graduated in Greek !!! and won the elections because he rides a bicycle.  Boris, the ignorant MP and Mayor, once wrote an article in the Torygraph in favor of Nuclear Energy and with the barefaced cheek that has made him what he is, he said that when he was at school he wrote about it copying from a Ladybird children’s book.

This people just copy and badly rehash what D. Ambrosio writes in economic matters, – D. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is perhaps the only one in the staff of the Torygraph who knows what’s the derivative of X^n –  then happily pass it on as their own thoughts.

Today Heffer writes about economic problems in Europe.  I believe that the European Union will probably have to come to the rescue of the United Kingdom very soon, if things continue like this, ‘this green and pleasant land’ imay sink in the Ocean, like mythic Atlantis.  Never mind, the English and their fucking put-downs if they don’t disparage their neighbours they are not happy, it makes them feel better.

The truth is that Europe has never had so dire a crisis since the Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957. Sauve qui peut is the watchword. President Sarkozy has entered a familiarly Gaullist phase, ignoring EU competition policy and pushing through a €6 billion support for the French car industry; other manufacturers, notably in eastern Europe, have protested to no avail.

That’s not «the truth», Heffers. You would not recognize the truth if you saw her in all her beauty

This bending of the rules – or rather this wholesale disregard of them – is the surest sign of a currency, and quite possibly an empire, in terminal decline. Mr Trichet went to Dublin last Friday to try to calm the Irish, whose own crisis brought 100,000 protesters on to the city’s streets 10 days ago.

The graduate in English language then tells the leaders of Europe what to do in matters economic and political

Tomorrow the ECB is meeting to discuss the interest rate, and it is predicted that it will be cut from two to 1.5 per cent. That would make little odds in countries that, like Latvia, have literally run out of money. The IMF is trying to build up a special new fund to bail out countries in distress. It may soon become apparent that this attempt at a currency for disparate nations is about to disappear under the weight of reality – nationalist reality – and the big boys are going to have to come in and sort some nations out. For some countries there will be only three means of staying in the euro. One is to impose the discipline, and risk rioting and the fall of governments. The second is to persuade the ECB to bend the rules to such an extent that the illusion of the euro’s strength (it is still, as I write, at an incomprehensible 90p against sterling) is forcibly broken and the speculators have their own field day with it, at last. The third is to get the lender of last resort – the Germans – to bail out countries in trouble.

The Germans have, quite commendably, refused already to do that. When Ferenc Gyurcsany, the Hungarian prime minister, asked them for a €190 billion handout last weekend to prevent a new economic Iron Curtain from going up across the continent, Angela Merkel told him to get lost. She has the German people and, more to the point, German business behind her: why should they pay for the unregenerate behaviour of others? Why should they worry about the collapse of the zloty and the forint? Why should it bother them that Latvia’s debt now has junk rating, or that the Irish are almost broke? If Mrs Merkel wants to stay in power, and German workers wish to keep the fruits of their own labours, they must harden their hearts.

The Germans would not, and the Germans would not eventually come to the help of Great Britain, if the Germans were people like you and your beloved Friedman, Heffer. Never mind that of Milton Friedman you can understand only the easy bits, Heffer. Economy is a closed book for you and always will be, because you don’t know Mathematics, because you have never studied them so you can understand only the most superficial things about it.

Por Armando

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