Paulson is destroying the American empire.  This arrogant s.o.b. very time he opens his mouth the American economy takes a tumble.


 Is he crushing America between his thieving hands?


Financial Crisis: Hank Paulson warns of more bank failures

More banks will fail in the weeks ahead despite dramatic moves by policymakers across the world to tackle the financial crisis, the US Treasury Secretary admitted last night.



In comments which sent share prices in Wall Street tumbling, Hank Paulson warned that the crisis would claim further victims and ruled out a «grand plan» for an international bail-out of the financial system.



Gordon Brown considers legal action against Iceland

PM says he is freezing assets of Icelandic companies in the UK in response to ‘illegal action they have taken’


Riots in Hong Kong after heavy stock losses

There have been riots on the streets of Hong Kong following heavy losses at the city’s Hang Seng index.

The Hang Seng closed over 8% lower with losses in banks, communications companies and exploration companies.

 * In Pakistan, the most dangerous country in the world, the army shoots against American helicopters and soldiers, the people are dying of hunger and the government is running out of money to buy food and gasoline.

  • The Fed is loaning AIG another 37.8 billion dollars.

«And here we thought it was all bought and paid for with the 85 billion we gave them last week. It wasn’t enough money, apparently, so we’re giving them more.»

AIG is a corrupt and worthless insurance company and they are throwing good money after bad.  The only thing is increasing, the money they take away to offshore havens.

Por Armando

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