British newspapers publish today that Ruiz Mateos, the infamous owner of RUMASA, wants to buy Northern Rock, the bank in trouble in Britain.
Ruiz Mateos has a long and florid story. Recently he was condemned to several years in prison but didn’t go to jail, because he is over 70 years old -nice laws in Spain!

Read it, in Spanish at

Now you British criminals know where to go when you get old. You can steal in Spain and if you are over 70 years old you’ll be sent home, to Marbella, with the other crooks.

When the Socialists won the first time, shortly after the death of Franco, the second famous thing they did was to confiscate RUMASA, the holding of Ruiz Mateos.
(The first thing they did was to shoot dead the leader of grapo, a terrorist group.)

Ruiz Mateos, with money from the Opus Dei, built his holding, RUMASA, buying bankrupt businesses and putting them back on their feet.
Oh, a genius of finances, you’ll say, you innocent gringo.
It was easy: He didn’t pay the taxes, and didn’t pay the Social Security bills. He used that money to buy another business, did the same thing again, everything snowballed and he counted on the government not daring call his bluff. In the confusion after the dead of Franco he got away with it, for a time.
The government of Felipe Fonzalez confiscated RUMASA; Ruiz Mateos run away; he was sent to prison in Germany; he went bonkers.
We saw him, dressed up as Superman, in the door of the tribunal: a ridiculous, bizarre man.

In Spain we call these financiers Inverted Midas: King Midas touched sh** and turned it into gold. Our Spanish financiers touch gold and turn it into sh** !

Things must be real bad in Britain if this kind of vultures are coming here to feed on the corpses of your businesses.

Opus Dei always gets involved in education, and what happened not long ago? Britain had an Education Secretary, Ruth Kelly who belongs to Opus Dei.
Education in this country is been taken over by private schools.
She is now in another department, of Housing.
And this vulture of the Opus Dei, Ruiz Mateos, is mentioned as trying to buy a mortgage bank.
It is a conspiration if ever I saw one.

If you thought that the Opus Dei was a figment of the imagination of Dan Brown, we Spaniards know better. In Spain when a father wants his son to be a clever thief he sents him to a school of Opus Dei, so they will teach him how to steal. It is common knowledge over there.

The Jesuits and Opus Dei originated in Spain. Both sects are poisonous catholic plants sprung from the rotten soil of Spain and curiously both their founders were born in towns not very far apart, Loyola and Barbastro respectively.
Ruiz Mateos has twelve children, all belong to the Opus Dei, all are Spanish fascists.
They are hungry, they all want to be millonaires and this is the big chance for the thirteen vultures. Rumasa never could buy a bank in Spain, it is closed shop for bankers ovre there -although Opus Dei already has one bank in Spain, Banco Popular… Come to think of it, the name of the political party of Aznar is Partido Popular.
Must be a coincidence.

Por Armando

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