A Dubious Authority from the LSE makes a glaring mistake in the Obituary of Carrillo published in The Guardian

Paul Preston is a British Historian who teaches at the LSE -that den of iniquity and dubious schollarship- much honoured in Spain because in my country they are so desperate for some sort of recognition that they award the highest honors to any foreigner who writes about them, never mind the quality of the publications.

He has been awarded Catalonia’s Ramon Llull International Prize (2005) and one of Spain’s highest honours, the Grand Cross of the Orden de Isabel la Católica (2007).

Well, as you can see, I am the Last Spanish Exile and it is very easy for me to find the most elementary mistakes in everything this people write. The giris copy each other and translate the works of others and regurgitate it in the Language of Commerce -Spanish is a secret language, never mind if it is spoken by 400 million of  pobres de solemnidad.

Yesterday Paul Preston published an Obituary of Carrillo in The Guardian/London,

Santiago Carrillo obituary

Paul Preston guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 18 September 2012

in which he says, speaking of Carrillo and his political relationship with Dolores Ibarruri, La Pasionaria

Thereafter, Carrillo was de facto leader of the PCE in France, the most important section of the exiled party after that in Moscow, where Dolores Ibárruri (La Pasionaria, the passionflower) was secretary-general.

(La Pasionaria, the passionflower  ha, ha, ha!

The passionflower, Pasionaria passiflora, also known as mburucuyá is a semitropical vine that doesn’t grow in the Basque land, specially in those times, and Ibarruri couldn’t care less about pretty flowers and those beautiful adornments of British gardens and houses of the prosperous middle classes of the UK.

She was a Spanish working class woman, a fierce Communist, not a nice English lady fond of pretty flowers, and she chose that name because she was a devotee of the Passion of Jesus in the Cross, and after her marriage in 1916 she started using the pseudonym La Pasionaria when writing in the journal El Minero Vizcaíno, from then on she was better known by her nickname than from her real name.

When the Hispanists of the Anglosphere write about Spain they remind me of a famous American baseball player, who in his letters (cherished by the fans) never makes mistakes when writing difficult words, because he looked them up in a Dictionary, but made the most ridiculous mistakes in the easy words, because he thought he knew them right.

That’s the thing with Preston and the others, they don’t make mistakes in difficult facts, or dates, because they copy them from books written by other people, but when they write about facts of everyday life in Spain, that we know from birth, they make the most egregious errors.


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