The campaign of Aznar to spread mistrust against the Spanish government of Zapatero continues with an article in the second page of the business section of The Times, Friday 21st September 2007. Judge for yourselves ! (The italics are mine)
Pain in Spain? James Harding
«Asked yesterday where we should be looking for the next casualities of the credit crunch, the head of one of London’s biggest investment banks was unequivocal: Spain.
The bankers, investors, property companies and construction companies behind the unprecedented splurge of building on the Spanish costas could be badly hit. The hundreds of thousands of Brits with recently acquired bolt-holes there would not be immune, either.
Cracks are appearing in the adobe. Spreads on credit default swaps, insurance policies against default, have ballooned for some Spanish Banks.
It’s a bold time, therefore, for Spain’s huge saving bank La Caixa to float its €22 billion industrial holding offshoot, Criteria. »

Notice the language, it shows a total lack of respect: Adobe, indeed! We don’t make houses in Spain out of adobe. How would you like it if El País, the best newspaper in Spain, said that houses in Britain are made of plasterboard and thin wood?

The Times, and the Sun and Sky TV, belong to the biggest communication holding in the world, that of Rupert Murdoch. Aznar sits in the board of administration, in recompense for getting Spain in war against Iraq, I can’t think of any other reason.
In Spain the business owners complain that the party of Aznar, the Popular Party, sows mistrust and despondency and present the economic situation as worse than it is, to influence the voters -there are elections in six months time.

At the same time that the hacks of Aznar, and his henchmen Rajoy, Acebes and Zaplana try to make Spain look as if we were sinking under the waves, the Spanish economy is growing at 3.5 % a year.
(Just ask any British expatriate in Valencia about Zaplana and his abusive laws)

The construction companies in Spain are bullish: Colorful characters like Paco El Pocero (‘the well-digger’: it used to be his trade before being one of the biggest, and sharpests, builders of Spain) swear they are going to build 1 million dwellings in Madrid -Paco could come to Britain to teach Mr Brown how to build houses- and Banco de Santander, the owner of Abbey National, refuses an offer to come to the rescue of Northern Rock as it needs the money for a different acquisition.

Now, Mr Harding has made a prediction. He’s said that Spain’s banks will go broke, anytime soon. He doesn’t say which banks, by what amount, or when is that going to happen -it is like somebody saying it’s going to rain, I do not know how much, or where, or when it will happen, but rain it will.
Newspaper predictions have a very short shelf life, like the medium they are printed on.
So, if in a week’s time a big Spanish bank, like BBVA or Santander or a big building society, like La Caixa or CAM doesn’t go belly up, like Northern Rock say, with block long queues Argentinian style asking for their money back, like it happened in Britain (and in Ireland, let’s not forget it) this past week, we will denounce again this attitude of the newspapers of Aznar against the best interests of his country.

Por Armando

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