Have you noticed that only Chinese people are dying from this disease?

I present an hypothesis and I propose a fast solution

I am a graduate biologist, not a medical doctor, but I know a few things about viruses, bacteria and I used to be a lecturer at the Medical School in Montevideo, Uruguay on Biochemistry

I have several scientific papers published, so my credentials are not enormous, my knowledge is not overwhelming, on the other hand I am really what I say I am, I see many people with enormous apparent qualifications who are frauds and they are failing dismally in this.

Here’s an easy link to this disease, as it stands now


And here’s  → a timeline of the Wuhan corona virus

In Red, deaths, in Blue, recoveries (source, above ↑ )

The death toll as of today, 13 February 2010 stands at 1,370 and it is increasing, also the number of ill people from this disease is increasing.

Three things stand out to me

  • 1st, all the dead are Chinese
  • 2nd, Chinese medical doctors and nurses are also dying from COVID-19.
  • 3rd, Westerners don’t fall very ill from this disease, they don’t die from it, they contaminate other people who get ill too, but all of them very quickly get well and normal.

My hypothesis, for whatever it is worth, is that there’s another factor: that the Chinese people who fall very ill and die from COVID-19 are undernourished and worse, and in this case they die easily, while the Europeans, overfed and beefy very quickly get over it.

It is a fact that rice, that makes a big part of the normal diet in China, lacks many vitamins of the B group or it has very little of them, it is a very poor food and still worse, rice contains Arsenic, a poison that the rice plant sucks from the earth.


Poisoning by Arsenic is an issue, the plant absorbs naturally Arsenic from the ground and in some parts of the world the ground contains a high concentration of Arsenic because it is or it was used in pesticides.

Poisoning by Arsenic

How much are paid Medical Doctors in China, and also the health workers?

I suspect looking at the photographs of the young heroic doctor → Li Wenliang  that he had low body weight and he didn’t eat well.

Are medical doctors and health workers in China paid enough that they can eat meat every day and other good food, safe milk, chicken, pork, fish, fruit, bread and vegetables, and the normal population too?

Because this could be the root cause of this disease, it attacks undernourished people and not all of them resist the infection.

If you eat a lot of rice, because it is cheap, you get a hidden poisoning by Arsenic, if you can not afford to buy good, wholesome food that I listed above and then you get the infection then the outcome could be very bad indeed.


Apart from vaccines and medicines, that of course have their place when and if they are available, almost the only thing a normal person can have control of is his food.

* Stop eating rice and soy, and start eating meats until this plague stops.

Instead of buying a new car, buy for you and your family, bread, meat, fish, chicken, pork, beans. Make pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce like the Italians, go big on the size of the dish.

Polenta, a big dish of polenta with a big sausage, and a small glass of red wine. It is maize flour boiled with some oil or fat and stirred, China produces maize and red wine too.

Beans with pork and potatoes. Chickpeas cooked with carrots and chicken or pork -chickpeas are beans, lentils are beans too.

Fish cooked with red peppers and onions.

Don’t eat ultra-processed food, instead eat a big chunk of bread with oil and tomato like the Spanish and when I say big bread I mean half a kilo, 500 grams of bread.

That kind of European peasant food, rude but nourishing.

Remember, the Chinese are dying of this, the Europeans are not even getting ill of this.

The food, in quantity and quality has to be part of the explanation.

How the rich Chinese can help Wuhan

There are many rich Chinese and they could fall ill of this disease and die too, or the social unrest could be not good for them, so it is in their interest and of course in the interest of China to do what they can against this plague, and I don’t mean medicines, vaccines, that is being taken care of and that is slow by its very nature.

What I propose is fast.

☼ Create a fund to help the doctors of Wuhan ☼

By help I mean, feed meat to the doctors and nurses.

Lots of meat.

A kilogram of meats a day for each and every one of them. That’s two pounds ,for people who don’t know what a kilogram is.

Beef, pork, chicken, fish, rabbit, lamb, whatever. One kilo per person per day.

Emergency feeding of the health personnel can make a big difference, the facilities are there, it is only a question of bringing in trucks with meat, fish and other wholesome foods.

The effect will be immediate, if the doctors and nurses get strong and they don’t fall ill then they can help the ill better and without fear, even if they fall ill but because of the new strength they will recover good and quickly.

Let your food be your medicine, is a saying of antiquity in Europe, from the Old Greeks, a time when there were really no medicines of any kind against diseases.

I am sure other Chinese wise men said the same.

☼ I have a deep love for China and the culture of China.

That’s the motivation of this article.

I am Spanish, please remember that, not English, and in my blog I usually write in Spanish because I prefer to have the best Spanish blog that just be one among many better blogs in English, but in this case, out of love for the Chinese people, I write this in English for you.

Best wishes.

PS. Hmm, I am poor, you know, really really poor, so if this is of any help to China and if some Chinese rich people want to help me, many thanks in advance.


Por Armando

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  1. Early Friday in UK

    Another 116 deaths.
    Total Chinese deaths almost 1500.

    At this rate it is going to be the 100.000 this February I suggested on Twitter.
    A catastrophe, stop eating rice to flush your body of Arsenic and start eating meats as I say in the article.

  2. China fights with all scientific resources
    China develops convalescent plasma therapy for #COVID-19 patients http://xhne.ws/iAyNg

    This is because the plasma fraction of blood of patients who got well contains antibodies against the coronavirus, injected to ill people it should help cure them

  3. Six health workers dead, and 1.716 infected in China since the beginning of this plague.

    ☼ All infected European tourists who came to Spain, cured and healthy and send back to their countries, they were a few less than a dozen in all.

    ☼ Face masks in Spain are hoarded by Chinese nationals who send them to their relatives in China, in many pharmacies there are signs in Spanish that say:
    «No masks here (and there’s no ******* need)»
    «No hay mascarillas (y ni puta falta que hacen)»

  4. «More than 1,700 health workers infected by coronavirus in China»

    Feed meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish) to all health workers in Wuhan, immediately.
    In abundance, two pounds of meat per doctor per day.
    It has to be given to them for free, health workers can not buy meat with their low salaries if they don’t fall ill then they can treat the sick.
    It is the cheapest and quickest solution.
    You can wait until Spring is advanced and the UV rays kill the virus, with the pollution in China I don’t know how strong UV would be at the time, in any case by that time perhaps one hundred thousand Chinese may have died and the prestige of the Chinese State will be very low in the world.
    My suggestion is cheap, easy and the effect immediate, stop the doctors eating rice -forbid it!- and feed them meats.

  5. A leader editorial comment in the best Spanish newspaper, praises the efforts of China in containing the disease, and complains that the suspension of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was totally unjustified and cowardly in view of the facts.
    Spain, after China, the country most hurt by the disease in spite of no cases in the country, hurt by fear, a fortune lost because of the suspension and many companies are asking for reparations.

  6. The English spreading fear, cretin scientist claims 400.000 in UK could die of this CPVOD-19
    Absurd, the only unfortunate fatality in Europe has been an elderly Chinese tourist, 80 years old who was in bad health.
    If this man leads the fight against the coronavirus in UK, I better eat my pork chops with peas, after all there’s no medicine against the virus except to be strong so I don’t catch it..
    That is what they ought to give to the medics and nurses in Wuhan, Beefsteak, pork chops, half a chicken with vegetables, make them strong, they need to be strong.

  7. Pero está Vd. Seguro de que existe ese problema de malnutrición en China ?

    Me resulta sorprendente, sobre todo porque la provincia donde se ha iniciado el brote parece bastante desarrolladam

  8. China es una incógnita envuelta en un misterio.
    Pero estoy bastante seguro, en los países comunistas a los médicos estatales les pagan muy mal, por ejemplo en Cuba, lo que les pagan es ridículo en Cuba, tienen que trabajar luego de horas de taxistas y cosas así.
    Tienen acceso a un menú estatal mínimo, una verdadera miseria, carne nada, un picadillo de soja.
    En China los salarios de los médicos del estado son mucho más altos que en Cuba, unos 13.000 dólares haciendo un promedio, comparando con los 230.000 que ganan en USA…
    Trabajan unas 50 horas por semana, pero ese estudio es muy imperfecto, no dice si ese salario es bruto o neto -defecto muy común en estudios americanos- y cual es el nivel impositivo, y el standard de vida, parece que ganan bruto, 1,5 el promedio nacional.
    Tienen ciertos beneficios sociales, les dan de comer en la cantina a un precio subvencionado y transporte público algo subvencionado.
    En cuanto al tema subnutrición no quise cargar las tintas porque no quería que el artículo dirigido al lector chino normal (lo que sea eso…) lo pudiera ofender y de entrada rechazaran mi opinión sin más, pero el tema arsénico y arroz es muy grave, de hecho voy a escribir un artículo en español contando que los nefastos productores al arroz le ponen talco -eso blanco que desprende cuando se le moja no es almidón- y que el arroz absorbe arsénico del suelo que es un componente natural del suelo y el agua, dependiendo del suelo que sea hay más o menos.
    Alguien había recomendado que para tener bajo peso se comiera arroz, que los países que comen mucho arroz la gente es delgadita, yo me reí mucho con el artículo, claro que pesan poco, están envenenados.
    En España se come mucho arroz y es lo más normal poner el arroz directamente en la paellera o la olla, humm, mala baraka !

  9. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-france-idUSKBN20C0QU?taid=5e4baa0781f808000152ae44&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
    The death toll in China has climbed to 1,868.
    According to the World Health Organization, a pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease.
    On Monday, the head of the WHO’s emergencies program, Dr. Mike Ryan, said when asked whether the outbreak was a pandemic: “The real issue is whether we are seeing efficient community transmission outside of China and at the present time we are not observing that.”
    So this is not a pandemic, it is localized thanks to the efforts of the Chinese medical people and the stoicism of the brave Chinese population

  10. An article warns not to over-react to the danger of the COVID-19

    [1] The Chinese coronavirus seems to be extremely contagious, even before a person who has been exposed shows any symptoms. The only way we can be certain to contain the virus seems to be through quarantines lasting up to 14 days.
    — Such a quarantine would make it impossible for pilots and other airline workers to make a living, for example. They would be spending too much of their time in quarantine to do the work needed to support themselves and their families.
    [2] Deaths from pathogens are part of the natural cycle. They help prune back the population of the old and weak.
    (agl. A hard thing to say but true)
    This is especially the case with pathogens that especially target the weak and old. Most flu viruses have this characteristic. Early reports of deaths from the coronavirus suggest that this same pattern of targeting the old and weak is occurring with this virus as well. As noted above, the median age of those dying from the new coronavirus seems to be about 75 years.
    — In this way, pensions and other payments targeting the old and weak don’t become too great a burden on the young.

    [3] If the Chinese coronavirus were simply allowed to run its course, without publicity that it was in any way unusual, somewhat less than 1% of the world’s population might be expected to die.
    In the 1918 pandemic of «Spanish» flu the total percentage of the population that died was also much higher, about 3% instead of 0.76%.
    [5] A particular problem today is low prices for many commodities, including oil and other fossil fuels. These prices are likely to fall further, if China’s economy falters further.
    [6] The best approach might just be to let the Chinese coronavirus run its course. Authorities might also discourage stories about how awful the illness is.

    Today, we seem to think that we can fix all problems. Unfortunately, this medical problem doesn’t seem to be fixable in the near-term. We should probably do as governments through the ages have done, which is not very much.
    We should not publicize the disease as being a whole lot worse than flu viruses in general, for example.
    We, as individuals, cannot live forever on this earth. We also cannot spend an unlimited percentage of GDP on health care: It becomes too high-cost for most citizens. At some point, we need to call a halt to the expectation that we can fix all problems. We live in a world with limited resources. We need to start lowering our expectations, if we don’t want to make our problems worse.
    The Chinese government and the people of China are fighting well and brave against this disease.

  11. * More than 2,000 deaths *
    2,118 deaths
    ☼ Coronavirus leads to huge spike in online gaming, causing crashes and delays across China
    World of Warcraft is one of the games worst affected by the sudden boom in activity
    Good, while they are at home they are not moving around where they can catch something nasty.
    * Wash your hands and your face *
    When you wake up first thing wash your hands, just in case sleeping you touched your parts, and before sitting at table at meals, wash your hands as mom told you to do.

  12. It is not «conspiracy theories» that is a weak name for lies, slander, crackpot and terrorist threats about COVID-19.
    – 2,144 deaths @ Feb 20
    Mad, drunk cowards:: Ukraine: violent clashes as locals hurl stones at coronavirus evacuees’ bus
    President Zelinsky said «there is another danger that I would like to mention. The danger of forgetting that we are all human and we are all Ukrainian”
    Everyone is healthy in that bus.

  13. UAE records two new coronavirus cases, total number reaches 11
    Deaths none
    China’s Hubei province revises February 19 new cases tally to 775, from 349 previously https://reut.rs/2T7XrxD

    ☼Discipline, fight carelessness
    China finds spike in coronavirus cases in jails, officials fired

    In Italy 10 towns with 40,000 people quarantined because of 16 cases of COVID19
    «Italia aísla 10 pueblos con 40.000 habitantes tras confirmar 16 contagios del coronavirus»

    ☼ It is possible that the COVID19 in Corea was spread on purpose by a doomsday cult.

    ☼ 78 years old man dies in Italy from COVID19.
    5 medical doctors and several patients that were at the hospital also ill from the disease.
    It is not clear how this disease reached Italy.
    China confirms 397 new cases of novel coronavirus infection and 109 deaths on Friday

  14. ☼ Muy contagioso, mujer de Wuhan sin síntomas infecta a cinco parientes de ella
    Wuhan woman with no symptoms infects five relatives with coronavirus: study
    China Xinhua News
    Hubei Province reports 366 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus infection and 106 new deaths on Friday, bringing the total confirmed cases in the hard-hit province to 63,454 http://xhne.ws/41e6H

  15. Alarmist lies that try to pass as comments will not be published, only truth confirmed by reliable sources.

  16. A good article, but too alarmist

    ☼ World is approaching coronavirus tipping point, experts say

    78,000 cases confirmed, as Italy and Iran scramble to contain major outbreaks

    Three or four Brits ill -nobody died of COVID19 in Britain- and they whine as if it is the end of the world.

    ☼ In the Canary islands (Spain) a dust storm from the Sahara blankets the islands

    The dust is full of excrement and dangerous bacterial spores and viruses but the careless Spanish government didn’t tell the population there to wear masks to protect their lungs or use air filters at home.
    They talk a lot about the corona virus (not a single case in Spain) but facing a clear and present danger to health they do nothing at all.

  17. · Cuarta víctima mortal por el virus Covid-19 en Italia: un anciano en Bérgamo. Hay cerca de 150 personas infectadas
    · Corea del Sur eleva a siete la cifra de muertos y a 833 la de contagiados
    · Casi 2.600 personas han muerto en China, 150 este lunes

    * A fourth victim in Italy, an old man in Bérgamo
    * About 150 persons infected
    * Corea: seven deaths, 833 ill from COVID19.
    * 2,600 victims in China, 150 deaths Sunday – Monday.

    ☼ Spain must not close its borders to Europe or to any country in the world including China, it would be an act of cowardice and economic suicide, too.
    Morire habemus (ya lo sabemus !) so with bravery we must stand and fight.

  18. The reaction of China stopped hundreds of thousands of cases of the disease, says Canadian doctor of WHO in Beijing.
    La OMS considera que la reacción de China «evitó cientos de miles de casos». Las medidas tomadas por China para tratar de contener la epidemia de Covid-19 «probablemente evitaron cientos de miles de casos» en el país, ha afirmado este lunes el emisario de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS), Bruce Aylward. «La reducción en los casos que estamos viendo es real. Podemos decir, con confianza, que están bajando de verdad», ha dicho el médico canadiense en una rueda de prensa celebrada en Pekín, en la que ha presentado las conclusiones de la misión sobre el terreno de la OMS. (Efe)

    ☼ A sixth victim in Italy, a woman with cancer died of covid19

    ☼ The flu kills in Spain about 10,000 people every year.
    Nobody has died in Spain of covid19, and some foreigners who came to Spain already infected, one German and several British were treated by the Spanish health service and cured.
    ☼ No cases in South America, some people traveled there already with the disease, mild cases, nobody died.
    ☼ People’s Daily, China
    Italy has become the hardest hit European country by #COVID19, with officials reporting the fifth deaths on Mon and more than 200 cases of the virus. Over 50,000 people in 10 Italian towns are in lockdown

  19. Thousands of people queue to buy face masks in astonishing drone footage from South Korea as the country is gripped by coronavirus outbreak


    ☼ Austria closes its borders, causing laughs in Spain who ask who would want to go to Austria anyway

    No deaths not even people ill of covid19 in coward Austria, the country that gave birth to Hitler and started the First World War.

  20. Tuesday, 25th February
    Cases of covid19 among tourists in Tenerife (Canary Islands)

    «Spanish hospitals starting to test for coronavirus among patients with pneumonia»
    The new measure is being taken in a number of health centers on the suspicion that the Covid-19 virus may have been circulating in Spain for several days now without being detected

    Quarantines at the affected hotels have been put in place, the police don’t let anybody leave.
    There are a thousand tourists and workers in the lock down (they don’t like to use the scary word quarantine).

    Un millar de aislados en el hotel de Tenerife donde se alojó la pareja italiana con coronavirus
    Agentes de la Policía Nacional custodian el establecimiento mientras se realizan controles sanitarios a empleados y huéspedes
    (in English)

    Nearly 1,000 tourists in isolation at a Spanish hotel after man tests positive for coronavirus
    Another case was confirmed in Spain on Tuesday, the first in the Catalonia region.
    The total number of Covid-19 cases registered in Spain is now at five

    Three new deaths in Italy, total deaths from covid19, stands at 10

    Spanish health authorities advise not to travel to China, Japan, Korea, Iran, Singapore and north of Italy
    There have been 7 cases in Spain so far, most already cured or getting well.

  21. Avigan (Favipiravir ) a Japanese medicine in development, probably useful against COVID19

    ☼ As I say,, more useful and quicker to feed meats in good quantity to medical doctors and health personnel in China.
    Cheaper also, food you gotta eat, better if it is good food than rice and vegetables, you eat rice and veg, you get tuberculosis.

  22. By the end of Tuesday 25 February:
    -The overall confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the Chinese mainland had reached 78,064
    -29,745 people had been discharged from hospital after recovery
    -2,715 people had died of the disease
    Read more => http://xhne.ws/KWFEU
    But increasing in Iran and Italy-
    Cases from Italy infect the world, Brazil and Spain for example, but in low single digits
    Madrid confirms two cases of coronavirus
    Patients have also tested positive for the virus in Catalonia, Valencia and Tenerife, with eight confirmed infections in just 24 hours
    Spanish hospitals starting to test for coronavirus among patients with pneumonia
    The new measure is being taken in a number of health centers on the suspicion that the Covid-19 virus may have been circulating in Spain for several days now without being detected

  23. «Spain detects 10 new cases of coronavirus in 36 hours»
    A new positive is reported in Seville, adding to the patients in Madrid, Catalonia, the Valencia region and Tenerife
    Both cases detected in Madrid are young men who had recently traveled to the north of Italy. They are presenting mild symptoms of the illness and are receiving hospital treatment.

    There are 19 cases, it is spreading or being detected quite fast.
    No deaths, although the Spanish doctors fear there will be some, one of the cases is very ill.
    Sorry, 23 cases now at night, 27-F.

  24. Morning 28-F
    Another case of covid19, in Aragón, so the morning starts with 24 people interned in hospitals.
    Yesterday 27-F was an horrible day, it began with 11 cases, there were 23 at the end of the day, duplication, terrible.

    At midday, there are 31 cases in Spain now
    At night there are 34 cases in Spain [correction]
    La cifra de infectados en España se eleva a 38, entre ellos dos médicos y una enfermera.
    → 38 cases, among them two doctors and a nurse.←
    In Italy 21 deaths from the virus
    In UK one death (died in Japan).
    First British coronavirus death confirmed
    Man died after catching virus while quarantined on Diamond Princess cruise ship, says Japanese health ministry
    Six people from Diamond Princes ship have died.
    More than 700 passengers and crew onboard the Diamond Princess were confirmed as having Covid-19, including the six people who have since died.

    Military to help NHS cope with major coronavirus outbreak
    Contingency plans for pandemic emerge as UK confirms 20th case of Covid-19

  25. Saturday 29-F
    Spain 52 affected
    Italy, more than a thousand affected, 29 deaths
    In Spain a combination of two anti-VIH medicines plus interferon-B has cured a case.

    One person died of the coronavirus in the USA.
    There are supposed to be only 19 cases in USA but this reflects limited testing.

  26. Respecto a los chinos , las noticias que tengo es que abundan los alimentos adulterados con plástico, cartón , melanina ,….

  27. Cierto, y «leche» hecha con cal.
    Ahora, cuando el gobierno los pesca, los fusila eh.

  28. Sunday 1-March
    Italian coronavirus deaths rise to 34, number of cases hits almost 1,700: official
    * Spanish Erasmus exchange students leave Italy amid coronavirus fears *
    Many Spaniards have returned home to avoid being trapped if a quarantine is declared in the affected areas
    * Spain more than 80 cases, no deaths *
    Treatment with anti-VIH drugs + beta-interferon has proved useful

    . —————–
    Britain’s Minister of Health Matt Hancock: shutting down UK cities ‘may become necessary’
    Hancock also played down a report in the Guardian that England has only 15 available beds for adults to treat the most severe respiratory failure.
    Referring to ventilators, he said the Guardian’s figures were out of date. “We have 50 now, and we can ramp that up to 500. And then if necessary 5,000 beds that are able to cope with the worst impact of this virus,” he said.

  29. Otra noticia que tengo referente a los chinos, es que no son muy limpios. Lo que si me consta es su tendencia a escupir, tanto al aire libre como en interiores, dando igual que el suelo esté recubierto por moqueta.

    También he leído noticias de que algunos desconocen la existencia de aseos públicos.

  30. Parece que es cierto.
    Le recuerdo que en España los terrenos fuera de los pueblos son un cagadero, eh.

  31. * Monday 2-March
    Coronavirus cases continue to climb in Spain

    Although around 119 people have tested positive for Covid-19, Spanish authorities have ruled out cancelling large events
    Great fear and alarmism in UK, not justified if one looks at the small number of cases
    Public opinion and published opinion are two very different things, even in England where the stupid people believe what they print in the newspapers -they shouldn’t, newspapers in UK print only lies.
    Three new coronavirus infections were detected in England, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the UK to 39.
    * In Spain there are more than 110 and they don’t cry so much.
    Scottish medical snowflakes.
    Up to 80% of people in Scotland could contract virus, medical chiefs warn

    The Scottish government has forecast that up to 250,000 people could be admitted to hospital if the coronavirus outbreak turns into a full-scale epidemic.
    The total number of cases so far Guardian, London.

    Covid-19 has now infected at least 90,294 people globally with 45,702 reported to have recovered from the virus.
    The number of coronavirus deaths reached 3,080 on Monday, while the death toll in Iran rose to 66 – the highest outside China.
    In Italy, 52 people have died, while three have died in France.

  32. Tuesday, 3-March
    In Spain more than 150 cases registered, 7 in Intensive Care Units.
    The death toll from Covid-19 in Italy has risen to 79 and confirmed case to 2.263,
    1034 are in hospital – 229 in intensive care – and 1,229 are recovering at home.
    ☼ Amazon, the paradise of blood suckers.
    hand sanitiser and respiratory masks were in some cases being sold at a more than 2,000% mark-up
    a pack of 20 masks made by manufacturer 3M was being sold by an unauthorised reseller at $387 (£301.95), compared to a normal retail price of around $14.99 (£11.70).
    (from The Guardian and FT)
    ☼ Argentina, the first case reported.
    ☼ Iran steps up efforts as 23 MPs said to be infected

    Plans to mobilise 300,000 soldiers and volunteers as number of cases passes 2,300
    ☼ The private health system in Spain refuses to treat all and any cases of covid19, claiming it is a pandemic, and sends the cases to the public state system.
    ☼ Lessons from the 1918 pandemic flu, that killed ~100 million people worldwide ☼
    ☼ One death from covid19 in Spain, in 13th February, hidden by the Spanish government until today.
    At least one death from covid19 in Spain….
    ☼ A Singapore student attacked and punched in Oxford St. London, the most criminal city in Europe.

  33. 4-March
    Italy closes schools, universities for a couple of weeks, hoping to stop the spread of the disease.
    107 deaths.
    In Spain there are 213 infected, including three children.
    A man, 82 years old died, he also suffered from several diseases.
    That is two dead, the first one died last February, it was discovered because they are investigating deaths from pneumonia, it was mistaken for a different pneumonia, the first man who died he had come back from holiday in Nepal
    Although the health system in Spain is coping well, the political class in Spain shows its usual frivolity, instead of discussing this problem in Parliament they propose feminist laws full of mistakes, that are sent back by the legal advisers, well qualified not like the frankly ignorant MPs of Podemos.
    The authorities had to force Valencia Football club to close the stadiums to public in the games against two Italian teams.
    showing the typical bloody mindedness of the frivolous people in Spanish sport, they wanted to play with Spanish public, but forbid Italians to attend.

    Latest on the COVID-19 infection in China:
    – Wednesday, 4 March: 139 confirmed cases, 31 deaths, 2,189 discharged from hospital after recovery
    – Total, in China: 80,409 confirmed cases, 3,012 deaths, 52,045 discharged after recovery
    ☼ Letality seems to be 3.75% among confirmed cases, this is not a very reliable result, but much higher than in flu or the common cold.

  34. 5-March
    WHO puts mortality rate at 3.4% -which is tremendous, worse than the flu of 1918- and Trump says it is way below 1% claiming the many cases that don’t get reported.
    That’s the thing with statistics, the answers depend of what you are asking
    282 cases in Spain, 3 dead, that gives a death rate of 1.1 %.
    It is a very crude estimate, because one of the deaths happened before it was known that the disease already was in Spain and circulating


  35. Friday, 6-March
    El número de muertos con coronavirus en España se eleva a cinco y ya hay más de 300 contagiados.
    El último fallecido es un hombre de 87 años en Zaragoza.
    5 dead in Spain from covid19.
    More than 300 ill, some in ICUs.
    Exponentially growing, some days it duplicated in 24 hs.
    No special measures from the government or hardly any, except good medical care, some events have been called off, others like Fallas in Valencia will go on.
    ☼ For what one can see in the USA, there will be many deaths from covid19 with hardly any cases detected :-(( because they have to pay for the analysis and half of the population are very poor and live from paycheck to paycheck and can not pay the test,
    Another death, 91 years old, in Spain.
    That is 6, six dead, and more than 374 sick.
    Not many are discharged from the hospitals, 17 today they say.
    In comparison with Italy, with about 200 deaths, 4.636 ill, 462 in ICUs the situation in Spain is not bad.
    The scenes of hysterics and hoarding that we witness in Australia and the UK don’t happen in Spain, in fact the hoarding of toilet paper by the whining Anglos is very baffling, they probably want to trade it for food or something.
    Let’s hope that our authorities do not just follow the belief of the Spanish people, that our lives are in the hands of god and the Virgin Mary, they should get medicines, remember that the Pope when he falls ill, His Holiness doesn’t wait for a miracle, He calls the doctors for to cure him.
    En un estudio epidemiológico los datos apuntan que la mortalidad por coronavirus a partir de los 80 años ronda el 15%
    Mortality (letality? it is not the same thing) in old people above 80 years old is about 15%.

  36. Sunday 8-March
    7 more deaths in Spain today.
    17 total deaths

    All the seven new deaths, and most of the previous ten were people of advanced age (one a woman 99 years old) average age at death: 85.5 years old, and had serious diseases of different kinds.
    More than 600 cases in Spain as of today.
    The disease is growing exponentially, 20% more each day
    An easy calculation, growing the number of detected cases at 20% .and remember, there are many more undetected, a pool of virus that constantly infect others, because the detected cases are interned in hospitals or told to stay home if mild, and yes, doctors and nurses are also being infected.
    S 600
    M 720
    T 864
    W 1036
    t 1242
    F 1490
    s 1788 15 March
    The 600+ cases of today Sunday will duplicate at this rate by Thursday (Jueves, in Spanish) 12th March, that is four days from now.
    By Monday 16th there will be more than 2000 cases in Spain.


  37. Monday 9 March ~16:00
    About 1,000 cases in Spain.
    I predicted around 720 so you can see I was too conservative in my estimation and the disease in Spain is out of control, growing exponentially at much more than 20% a day.
    In fact this number starting from 600 cases on Sunday and growing exponentially at 20% would had been reached on Wednesday and it is already here.
    At this rate 2,000 cases will be reached day after tomorrow, late next Wednesday.
    In Madrid schools, universities and children’s day care centers have been closed.
    People don’t wear masks in trains, Metro or buses and practically nobody in the street wears a mask.
    Police don’t wear masks and some people who pose as MD on Twitter say that masks are unnecessary.
    Just in Madrid there are about 500 cases already.
    28 deaths in Spain.
    Hospitals in crisis, the authorities did nearly nothing to provide extra resources for the hospitals.
    The government says it is thinking about what to say, tomorrow or some other day.
    In Spain the members of the government are anumeric, that is they are mostly lawyers and they don’t understand about exponential functions or anything scientific.
    The situation is getting worse in Cataluña.

  38. Wednesday 11.March
    Relentless grow in cases.
    Around 2,000 in Spain, one thousand in Madrid.
    There are more cases in Madrid that in whole countries like Britain, with sixty million people.
    47 deaths in Spain, 31 in Madrid, some are relatively young people, 65 years old for example.
    The Spanish government hardly doing anything.
    Schools and Universities closed in Madrid -not elsewhere.
    Meetings of more than a thousand people forbidden.
    Fallas, a local celebration in Valencia, postponed.
    They say that they are cleaning the Metro wagons at the end of the day in Madrid. Rubbish, they are not doing it like in Corea or China, just a perfunctory cleaning, no sterilization.
    Nobody wears a mask in the Metro, buses or anywhere else in Spain, where there are five cities with underground Metro systems, and buses, trains, High Speed trains every where.
    Hardly any checking of incoming tourists, Italians and Chinese come and go freely.
    The health system in Spain is at breaking point, in Italy it already broke down.
    Some panic buying, not as much as in other countries.
    In UK for all their talk and some good advice, the government is not doing anything noteworthy.
    Some people wear masks in the London Underground because they want to do it.
    Eight Briton died.

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