Without beating the eggs

This is not of enormous importance, it is not a cultural breakthrough like some other articles of mine, but it can save you some work and is faster.

When you beat the eggs to make an omelette afterwards you have to wash the bowl in which you did it, and the fork you used.

Another bad thing is that beating the egg introduces air into the mixture so when you fry it, it becomes bigger, swells up, it is not good.

If you are going to add other things to the eggs, like potatoes, or onion or pepper, ham OK you need to beat the eggs but if you just want a quick omelette I have discovered a better way.

Here are the instruments, the materials, later I explain the method, it is simplicity itself.

As you see, I use a very small frying pan, good for a medium size egg or two at most.

If I beat the egg it even overflows the pan.

The egg is frying, it is not yet done, the whites are set but the yolk is soft.

Now, with a spoon, you crush the yolk but no, you don’t make a scrambled egg I don’t like scrambled eggs, just press the spoon on the yolk, it spreads fast and sets quickly.

It is almost done, let’s turn it around using a spoon, a fork or something.

It is done.

A very flat, small omelette, if you use two eggs it is the same thing, only bigger.

Now you can put it inside a sandwich, it is very flat or as I had it, wrapped in a Mexican tortilla of maize.

If you are making rice, you can cut it in small strips and add it to the rice, I believe it is the way the Chinese do it.


I was making a pot at the same time, here are some broad beans, habas as they are called in Spanish, they were going into the pot, the onion too.

Habas mondadas, I peeled them because the skin of the broad bean is hard to digest and produces gases.

Of course I throw the skins away, and if you are making just a few broad beans it is no trouble at all to peel them.

Enjoy your omelette !


Por Armando

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