Como Uruguay está 40 años atrasado creen que lo nuclear es la modernidad. Deberían leer The Guardian.


Esta es una Planta Solar Española realmente existente, una de varias

Saharan sun to power European supergrid farms of solar panels in the Sahara desert could provide clean electricity for the whole of Europe, according to EU scientists working on a plan to pool the region’s renewable energy.

Harnessing the power of the desert sun is at the centre of ambitious scheme to build a €45bn (£35.7bn) European supergrid that would allow countries across the continent to share electricity from abundant green sources such as wind energy in the UK and Denmark and geothermal energy from Iceland and Italy.

The idea is gaining growing political support in Europe with both Gordon Brown and Nicholas Sarkozy recently giving backing to the north African solar plan.

El sol del Sahara y del Mediterráneo dará electricidad a Europa, pero ya. Yo lo escribí en otro artículo hace un año.

Además la luz en el Sahara es tres veces más potente que en Alemania. También es potente en Bolivia, en Chile -donde Endesa (España) ya construye una Central Solar- en Perú, en México, en Argentina. Incluso en Uruguay el Sol es más potente que en España.

Speaking today at the Euroscience Open Forum in Barcelona, Arnulf Jaeger-Walden of the European commission’s Institute for Energy, said it would require the capture of just 0.3% of the light falling on the Sahara and Middle Eastern deserts to provide all of Europe’s energy needs.

In addition, because the sunlight in this area is more intense, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels in northern Africa could generate up to three times the electricity compared with similar panels in northern Europe.

Las cantidades a invertir son estupendas, pero factibles para Europa.

Depending on the size of the grid, building the necessary high voltage lines across Europe could cost up to €1bn a year every year till 2050 but Jaeger-Walden pointed out that the figure was small when compared to a recent prediction by the International Energy Agency that the world needs to invest more than $45tr (£22.5tr) in energy systems over the next 30 years.

España ya tiene un cable submarino de alta tensión cruzando el Estrecho de Gibraltar, conecta Marruecos y España.

high voltage cables between North Africa and Italy would be built or the existing cable between Morocco and Spain would be used

Un importante científico dice que es el camino a seguir, que el carbón y lo nuclear es el pasado y el sol el futuro tecnológico.

Doug Parr, Greenpeace UK’s chief scientist, welcomed the proposals. «Assuming it’s cost-effective, a large scale renewable energy grid is just the kind of innovation we need if we’re going to beat climate change. Europe needs to become a zero-carbon society as soon as possible, and that will only happen with bold new ideas like this one. Tinkering with 20th-century technologies like coal and nuclear simply isn’t going to get us there.»

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