Banco de Santander
Shark numbers increase ten-fold off Spain

According to The Barclays Telegraph at least 20 sharks have been spotted in Catalan waters, heading straight on to British bathers.
Another scare story about Spain.
Last week it was the jellyfish.

If the Brits go to Spain they are going to be stung to death by millions of 3 feet long poisonous balls of slime trailing killer tentacles.
That will be the ones that survive being eaten by sharks.
On shore they will be swindled by crooked operatives and if by chance they own a house, the fascist government in Costa Blanca, ruled by the Popular Party, the party of Aznar that good friend of Mr Blair (the horror, the horror! Mi amigo Blair, said Aznar before going to war in Irak) is going to wreck it without paying compensation.

And the price of paella, sangría y cerveza has shot up because of the euro, something outrageous.

Everything The Barclays Telegraph prints is true. And worse.
My advice?
Sell your apartment in Benidorm while you can and buy something in Dubai.
There are hundreds of thousands of British in Dubai, they can’t be wrong, can they?
And leave poor us incompetent Spaniards to our evil ways.
(A shark ! Hand me the spear gun, quick. We’ll salt and dry it in the sun, have dried sorra for a year!)

Por Armando

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