George Monbiot, ecologista sin miedo y sin tacha, apoya a Blair para Presidente de la Unión Europea con la sana intención de meterlo preso al menos juzgarlo por crímenes de guerra

Los argumentos de Monbiot tienen miga: (Guardian, 28-10-2009)

Making this ruthless liar EU president is a crazy plan.
But I’ll be backing Blair  If the man who waged an unprovoked war in Iraq gets this job, it could be the chance to hold him to account for his crimes

Tony Blair’s bid to become president of the European Union has united the left in revulsion. His enemies argue that he divided Europe by launching an illegal war; he kept the UK out of the eurozone and the Schengen agreement; he is contemptuous of democracy (surely a qualification?); greases up to wealth and power and lets the poor go to hell; he is ruthless, mendacious, slippery and shameless. But never mind all that. I’m backing Blair.

A pesar de haber declarado una guerra ilegal, Blair no puede ser juzgado en Gran Bretaña, los Law Lords lo dijeron claro: lo de él fue legal.

A continuación Monbiot pone precio a la cabeza de Blair, y lanza una colecta (él pone las primeras 100 libras, el poderío de un hombre se nota con el dinero en la mano) para que lo detenga algún cazador de recompensas -bounty hunter.  De paso quiere involucrar a nuestro juez Garzón:

It’s just possible that an investigating magistrate, like Baltasar Garzon, the Spanish judge who issued a warrant for the arrest of General Pinochet, would set the police on him. But our best chance of putting pressure on reluctant authorities lies in a citizen’s arrest. To stimulate this process, I will put up the first £100 of a bounty (to which, if he gets the job, I will ask readers to subscribe), payable to the first person to attempt a non-violent arrest of President Blair. It shouldn’t be hard to raise several thousand pounds. I will help set up a network of national arrest committees, exchanging information and preparing for the great man’s visits. President Blair would have no hiding place: we will be with him wherever he goes.

Luego da una serie de argumentos legales y documentales.  Y termina con estilo.

It’s just a matter of getting him in front of a judge. The crazy plan to make this mass murderer president could be the chance that many of us have been waiting for.

¡ Cuídese, Monbiot, cuídese !  Blair es muy capaz de darle un disgusto de esos muy, muy graves.

Por Armando

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