Prince Harry goes to Afghanistan to shoot the Taliban

The British media seem to have been taken up by wilting conservatory flowers.

Prince Harry apparently called an Army friend of him ‘paki’ which is short for Pakistani.  ¿So what?  Now the media and the Islamists are trying to make hay out of it.   They publish articles like in The Telegraph

Prince Harry ‘Paki’ row: Prince facing Army discipline over ‘sickening’ comments
Prince Harry is facing disciplinary action from his Army superiors over a video in which he called a high-flying Pakistani officer cadet a «Paki».

¿Sickening?  If you get sick over something like that, better stock up on your smelling salts, you little flower, you.

This lazy, disagreeable, envious people always trying to pull down their betters.  Bollocks to them Harry.  The cowards hate you because you showed your mettle.

Por Armando

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