Dos hermanas inglesas, estudiantes en España, las notas más altas de la selectividad

British expat sisters top Spain exam

June 14 2013 | Fiona Govan

A British expat schoolgirl has scored the highest mark in Spain’s university entrance exam following in the footsteps of her sister who achieved the same success two years ago.

Cordelia Pickford, 18, scored 9.95 out of a possible 10 for her bachillerato, the Spanish equivalent of A-levels, boosting her grade to 13.85 out of a possible 14 with two extra subjects.

She scored full marks in Greek, English, Spanish Language and Literature, and Latin and 9.5 out of 10 in both Philosophy and Technical Drawing.

She came top in the region of Asturias, which is the first of Spain’s 17 semi-autonomous regions to declare the exam results.

When results from all the regions are collated she is likely to be the highest in the country and among the highest scorers ever recorded in Spain – an achievement mirroring that of her elder sister two years ago.

Elder sister, Anastasia Pickford, achieved a 9.85 out of ten when she took the exams in 2011 with an overall mark of 13.7 and is now studying Veterinary Studies at Madrid’s Complutense University.











Cordelia                                                                                     y              Anastasia

Cordelia hopes to join her sibling at the same university in September to study Art and Design.

“We are incredibly proud of both of our girls,” father Tim Pickford told the Daily Telegraph from his home in Cue, a small village near the seaside town of Llanes in Spain’s northern Asturias region.

“Everyone is saying how amazing it is to have two sisters achieve the top mark but it is all down to their own hard work,” said the economist who moved the family from England to Spain 12 years ago.

“The girls were aged eight and six when we moved here and they were put straight into the Spanish state system.

“They had to learn Spanish and prove themselves to keep up. It was sink or swim and I think we can safely say that they both swam.”

He insists that neither he nor his wife, Pippa, who runs an English teaching academy, were hard taskmasters.

“We didn’t push them particularly, we just opened the door for them and they did all the work themselves. They both developed a tremendous work ethic.”

“When Anastasia came in with the 13.7 two years ago we were told it was the highest score that year across Spain and now Cordelia has scored even higher.”

The younger Miss Pickford, who already has a reputation as an artist and has sold some 120 watercolours following an exhibition of her paintings in Llanes last September, said she was in “complete shock” over her achievement.

“I never felt there was any pressure to match my sister’s top score but then amazingly I did. I got the results Wednesday afternoon and I just couldn’t believe it. It really hasn’t sunk in,” she said.

But the teenager, who also enjoys playing golf and has a handicap of ten, admits that she did work very hard. “I studied four hours a day after school and then seven hours a day once study leave started.”

“My sister is really happy for me, and we are looking forward to living together in Madrid next year,” she added.

The two girls and their younger brother Benedict, 14, were all pupils at the local state school in Llanes where the main teaching language is in Spanish.

“A parent always wonders if they are doing the best thing for their children and when we took the decision to move to Spain we did have worries,” confessed Mr Pickford.

“But as things turned out, in terms of our children’s education it was undoubtedly the best thing we could have done.”

☼ ¿ Su secreto?  Lo subrayé en color azul arriba, pero para beneficio de los egresados universitarios lo traduciré:

«La adolescente, que también juega al golf y tiene un handicap de 10, admite que trabaja muy duro: «Yo estudié cuatro horas por día luego de terminar las clases, y siete horas por día cuando empiezan las vacaciones.»

Así aprende y saca buenas notas cualquiera, eh?

Por cierto, fue estudiando en la enseñanza pública, no en los Jesuítas o en los Maristas o en el Opus, donde les regalan las notas a los idiotas hijos de los ricos y así medran los que no valen para nada y compran sus títulos.

. PS . 21-06-2013

☼  Pasmoso. El País/Madrid cuenta que la mejor nota de Madrid fue un alumno de Madrid, y se calla O NO SABEN lo que puse acá!  De que la mejor nota DE ESPAÑA fue Cordelia Pickford.

Anatolio Alonso, 9,95, mejor nota de selectividad en Madrid

El 92,23% de los jóvenes madrileños aprueban la prueba de acceso a la universidad, casi medio punto más que en 2012


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  1. Lo extraño es que Cordelia cursara Latín, Griego asignaturas de la modalidad del Bachillerato de Humanidades y se presentase también a Dibujo Técnico.
    Cierto que quiere estudiar diseño, pero lo usual es coger Historia del Arte, se nota que es valiente y no le teme a las asignaturas del Bachillerato Científico.

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