Mr Ambrose Evans-Pritchard went to Madrid and saw this.
¡ Alta velocidad española, el AVE Madrid – Barcelona !

We don´t have this is the UK, he thought.
He took this photo.
So immediately published, and published again, and republished it again his article
Foreign banks flee Spanish property debt
The Barclays’ Telegraph
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Madrid

And he doesn’t know the first thing about Spain.
In the UK London is the ONLY city that has an Underground.

Spain has well maintained Underground systems in
* Madrid (since more than one hundred years ago)
* Barcelona
* Bilbao
* Valencia
[* Sevilla. I am not sure about this one. They were building one before 1992, I saw the tunnels, but with the Expo and Olympics of 1992 they spent the money in ¡ Fiestas !]

When the British newspapers write about Europe, you crush them between your hands and they drip green envy.
Give it a break, D. Ambrosio. Solve your own problems.

Por Armando

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