Un desastre social terrible pende sobre el Reino Unido, y los conocedores callan

Los «recortes» que ya realiza la Coalición Tory-LibDem y más que vienen van a tener efectos sociales terribles y las personas en posiciones de responsabilidad en la Administración Pública británica lo saben.

No te metás, que dicen los argentinos parece ser la tónica dominante.

Una periodista del Guardian insta a salir de esa actitud quietista y majadera.

Those who know disaster looms mustn’t stay quiet

Polly Toynbee: Experts of all kinds sound off in private about the impact of the coalition’s cuts – but timidly zip their lips in public

Conservatives know their captain (Cameron) and his mate (Osborne, the Chancellor o Ministro de Finanzas) are storm-chasers, deliberately steering straight into a force 10 hurricane with the spending review, on 20 October. Ministers reach for their oilskins and rope themselves to the rails, believing they can weather it to sail home and dry by 2015. But have these unseasoned mariners any idea of the ferocity ahead? They may come to regret not going slower, skirting round the worst. Ministers seem not to grasp the enormity of their actions: 25% to 40% cuts are impossibly huge.   /…/

Professional associations and managers in the public sector, specialist charities, quangocrats, thinktanks and institutes concerned with health, economics and social policy – experts of all kinds are zipping their lips.

Why? Most are dependent on shrinking public funds and contracts, so they moderate their language in public. Most worry they will never work again in Tory town if they voice their alarm. Civil servants never resign when they see disaster ahead because they will never be blamed. The dangerous result of the silence of the clerks – and I could name a long list of the guilty – is that neither government nor people hear what they should from genuine expert opinion. It is time for those who know to stand up and warn of the multiple crashes they predict off the record. /…/


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