I said it before that sooner or later it was going to happen

As happened in Spain after 2009, now in UK they go after their corrupt politicians. But it will be a more controlled demolition, not a free for all.

Before the Crash of 2008, before the Second Great Depression, before 2008 there was money for everybody.

2007 had been the best year in the 2000 years of History of Spain, the best year ever after many years of boom; the Socialist Zapatero was president, the building boom was in full swing, they were throwing butter to the ceiling as the saying goes, or sweet silver (platita dulce) for everybody.

High-speed trains ran all over the country, seven cities with full-fledged underground Metro (UK has only one, London) , airports without flights, roads going to round-abouts and cul-de-sacs, going to nowhere, universities in every town (in a country, Sinapia (↓= Spain), where people don’t read even the newspaper), whole cities sprung up -empty of people, it didn’t matter, the English and the Germans were going to buy all of them, they are made of money, you know.

The bricklayers of Sinapia went to work in Mercedes, they had four cars at home for them and their useless family and they used the cars to go buy bread in the next town if the baker was closed on Sunday, plumbers went on holiday to the Caribbean, they bought several houses and flats -because they could, and the illiterate fat cows boasted they had bought a flat for their daughter for when she wed her bricklayer boyfriend and so.

Not only Sinapia, their useless poor neighbours, the Portuguese, went to Sinapia to work six days a week in the building of useless bad housing, paid with credits from the Cajas (local state banks, all ruined now, they no longer exist) and with money from the EU, and with money laundered from drugs and prostitution, the Black Economy and the Mafias were doing a roaring trade.

Four million immigrants went to work to Sinapia, from Ecuador, other Latinoamerican countries like Argentina, from Morocco, Algeria, from black African countries, the Philippines, China, from the Caribbean like Cuba and the Dominican Republic, from Rumania, from Russia [beautiful young Russian women picking peppers during the day, then working in the whorehouses of the town by night] and from the East of Europe.

It was an orgy!

The Crash in the Stock Exchange of Wall Street, NY, Lehman brothers, the American subprime mortgages, remember?

The money ran out.
The building bubble collapsed in Sinapia.
Unemployment shot up, poverty, even hunger stalked the land.
The beautiful new highways now empty of cars.
Consumption of oil fell from 1,5 million barrels a day, to less than a million -remember that Sinapia doesn’t have any Oil, Gas or Coal, it is all imported.
A million Ecuadorians went home, ruined -if not in 2009 then later, when their unemployment benefit ran out and the banks took possession of their houses.

Before 2008, no problem, nobody asked what was going on, there was money for the working people, there was money for the Mafias, there was money for everybody.
Happy days!

Now there was no longer enough money for the Mafias, no money for the greedy political mafias and no money for the other kind of mafia, if they are a different thing at all.

And so the Mafias got at each other throats.

Before 2008 if you accused the Mayor of your city of embezzlement for example, or corruption and stealing, two things could happen.
Nobody would pay any attention to what you said, not even the police or the judges.
Or still worse, the Mayor would sue you, and no matter your proofs you would lose and go to jail, and nothing would happen to him.
If you were a young, beautiful woman -or just a woman- and the randy Mayor raped you or took advantage of you or threatened you dear girl with dismissal if you didn’t open your legs for him, and you denounced him, dear innocent girl you would get fired, your reputation destroyed forever, and the police and the judge and the whole town would laugh at you.

That’s how things were before the Crash of 2008 in Sinapia.

But then came the Crash: millions of angry unemployed, no money, ruined banks. The streets were taken by Red Hordes of the unemployed, the Red Cross and Caritas feeding millions of people.
So they had to do something.

Now in Sinapia there are a thousand Mayors, politicians, businessmen, public workers, lawyers, architects either in jail or in front of the tribunals waiting for the ponderous Judicial machinery to grind them to dust.
One of them, ► Blesa, famous corrupt banker, powerful man, put in charge of a state bank by his school friend, the President Aznar, and now ruined, shot himself the other day rather than going again to jail for many years.

I spare you a list of these embezzlers, the corrupt thieves in Sinapia, several books would be necessary to tell their heroic acts, that put to shame the stealing by Pizarro and the Conquistadors of the gold of the Inca and the silver of Potosi.


In not-quite-Brexit-Britain they are starting to settle accounts with their corrupt politicians and rich people.

Britain is ruined, there’s no longer money both for the Mafias and for paying benefits. Something has to give.

In the true English way the hypocrites have started with the genitals, not with the money, with sex. It is cheap, sex, even for free, sex is.

Fallon, Secretary of Defense of all things, resigned saying that 15 years ago he touched the knee of another woman politician.
Both are old people, Fallon has a face that ought to be hidden behind some trousers and she, well, I said she is an Englishwoman, she has a figure like a sack full of coals.
She says that is doing this to protect other women -yeah, right, and she waited fifteen years.

Fallon told her that if she had cold hands he had where she could put them to warm, and fifteen years later she went and snitched to the Mother The May -all lies, of course.

Now a chorus of women claim to have been molested by big, rich, powerful men, and even more ridiculous, that at dinner or a party, men have made propositions to them.
Unheard that of, in the UK.
Of course the feminazis of the Guardian/Observer are asking for all men in this country to be spayed like randy cats.

Some men answer, –let’s make the Englishwomen wear all a burka or a niqab and forbid all kind of interactions with them, as for Sharia law -mind you, and it is not Muslims who say it.

I said women but now there are many men, very often old ugly Englishmen, who claim to have been molested ages ago, propositioned or even raped by, curiously, always by famous and rich men, actors, politicians, bishops -you can not draw blood from a stone, you know.

It is the scandal that they call Paradise Papers -as if MI-6 and the police state didn’t know, but exactly like in Sinapia, you kill the chicken when the chicken is fat, so there is plenty of chicken for everybody.

Basically it is a scandal about money laundering by rich, powerful people and companies -Lewis Hamilton, the F1 driver for example, Apple, not paying taxes

This all means that the UK is ruined, they no longer have money, there’s no longer money for the people and for the mafias too, so some rich mafiosi have to pay.
It is the same as in Sinapia, it happens some years later because Britain had more money, but no longer, it is very much another of the PIIGS –PUIIGS, Portugal, UK, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Sinapia: welcome to the club of the piggies.


· Paradise Papers

· Lewis Hamilton not paying tax on his jet

· Banqueros, oligarcas, jet set de Isle of Man, assasination

(what did I tell you about the Mafias starting to bite at each other? No money, murders.)

· Lord Ashcroft, donor of millions to the Tories, accused by the other political mafia, Labour

· Apple, keeping the milk for itself

· What are, what say the Paradise Papers

· A light on murky dealings -Guardian editorial

· Paradise Papers in Wikipedia


· In Sinapia El País disdains all this, too busy with the Catalan problem, not even the edition in English bothers with it.

· and Julian Assange from his 7 years’ hide in the Ecuadorian Embassy takes a few minutes from touching the cojones of the Spanish and dares to tweet,

Paradise Papers are great and improvement on Panama Papers. but the basic problem, gate keeping nearly everything forever, is still present.

(↑ Sinapia –The banana African Kingdom of Sinapia –in Spanish)


A politician from Wales (something similar to Cataluña autonomous unit, a kind of local Minister) has killed himself after being accused by some women.


And a man-hating feminazi has drawn a map of, she says, the worse parts of London for cat-calling, in her experience. Now, catcalling is a kind of a bestial name, it is appropiate for the nature of the relations among the Brits, we in Spain sorry I mean, in Sinapia we call it piropo,  a sweet name indeed

PS 10-Dec-2017.

The investigation of the Paradise Papers has died a death, as I figured.

But new scandals on the matters of corruption, graft and bribes are being aired, as I said, it proves that UK is ruined and is in crisis, there’s no longer money for all the mafias, they have started to bite at each other.

The Times, that American newspaper printed in London and with a clear Conservative agenda, denounces an scandal that involves >Labour politicians -Labour of course, they don’t say a word about Tory corrupt politicians. Not yet, they will.

Curiously the Tory mafia in power are very reluctant to look into the matter, they know there will be a counter-punch with other corrupt Conservative politicians.

Rudd faces questions over police inaction

The home secretary is set to be quizzed tomorrow over why police have so far failed to act on claims that a businessman allegedly acting for Labour politicians sought a £2m bribe from property developers seeking to build one of Britain’s tallest skyscrapers

We’ll see a thousand British politicians in jail, same as in Spain, before long. Or not.

>Amber Rudd, Minister of the Interior, is another of these very poorly qualified politicians who have occupied the most important positions in the government of the UK.

She comes from a family of the judiciary, but being very dim -same as the Prime Minister Theresa May, instead of being lawyers both are second rate graduates in History.

Lawyers are the natural rulers, because the function of the government is to pass and apply laws, in Spain and in Europe most ministers are lawyers.

It is very unusual that a country is governed by graduates in the lowest of all the University degrees, History.

When Jo Cox, a Labour politician of the opposition was murdered in a conspiration, The May was Minister of Home Affairs -a grad in History- and Michael Gove was Minister of Justice -he is a graduate in English language. This beggars belief.

A country in decadence, run by poor quality graduates in Greek (Boris Johnson), in History, in English, in Sci-Pol (Cameron).

Britain is scrapping the bottom of the rubbish bin with this people.

A reflection of the dumbing-down prevalent, the British simply don’t know who their rulers are, and it is not a secret at all it took me a couple of minutes to look them up in Wikipedia, it is the laziness and total lack of curiosity of the very dim people of the UK.


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