Hi, I am YUMA, also known as the US of A, and los EE.UU. I’m not going to drop dead, but you don’t need to die to be real sick, so you British and the Spanish and the other Europeans look after your own lives, because I’m going to be very busy treating the clap that Bush has given me.

I’m not going to buy anything from you foreigners, and you’d better give money to GM and Ford or the metal workers are going to really beat you up and the people will kick you out of the government.
If you didn’t get the message from what happened in Greece my stooges will do the same to you in every capital of Europe:  in this life the only spontaneous thing is sneezing.

To the Islamists, nothing is going to save you from the fury of the Hebrews, and if my Israeli children need more bombs of 20,000 pounds, YUMA shall give them all they need.

I’m very angry, I’m getting pissed off.

Everything I have done for the World and all, you ungrateful people, I don’t deserve all this. If my tits get swollen, I’m going to tax each and everyone of you and I’m saved, and if somebody doesn’t pay up I’m going to burn him with the torch of Liberty, but atomic.
You are warned, I’m not going to repeat this twice.

I’m going now to Washington, DC, to keep my date with a very handsome young man who is going to lay his fist on you, you foreign smurfs.

[ Con agradecimiento por el gráfico a

A mi me gustan los YUMA


Por Armando

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