I beg to disagree with this

Ageism is no more tolerable than any other prejudice

Ageism in UK
Discrimination against old people is rife – and the government has the perfect chance to do something to reduce it
Jackie Ashley The Guardian, Monday June 2 2008

So I wrote the following comment to the newspaper and also in the blog of Lluis Basset in el País/Madrid

In this matter Great Britain is the best country in Europe, the most fair, and probably the best in the world.
Writing as an Spaniard surviving in this country I can tell you that I am amazed at seeing old people working in, Tesco say -go to Carrefour in Spain and look at the girls at the checkpoints. And young girls and boys working in stores. Once I bought a beer in Spar and the girl called an older girl because she wasn’t allowed to sell alcohol -which I find is nice.
Fair, pleasant and a nice land and good people. There’s always room for improvement in everything, I suppose, but do not criticize yourselves too strongly, because I do not know of any country in the world that does things better.
I am 62 years old, with several university degrees. In Spain I would be dying of hunger in the streets. In Britain at least I can survive.
Armando Gascón Lozano
En el blog de Lluis Bassets, El país http://blogs.elpais.com/lluis_bassets/index.html


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