Los Oligarcas tras hundir a Inglaterra, huyen: vienen a Hundir a España

Como el gobierno inglés les quiere poner impuestos a sus horrendas ganancias los banqueros de Goldman Sachs UK se mudan a España.  Algunos años contribuyeron con más de Dos mil millones de dólares a las arcas de Inglaterra  -nadie sabe lo que se llevaron pero gracias a ellos el país está hundido irremediablemente.

Goldman Sachs threatens Spanish move


Goldman Sachs has threatened the UK Treasury with plans to move up to 20 per cent of its London-based staff to Spain in a standoff over tax and bonuses. Goldman Sachs International was the biggest contributor from the financial services sector to Britain’s purse last year. Previous reports suggest that in some years the firm’s staff have contributed more than £1bn in personal income tax to public coffers.

The bank, which employs around 5,000 staff in London, is believed to have strong links to the Spanish government, although it has a relatively modest number of employees in the country. Although staff moving to Spain would not receive any special tax incentives, the bank could avoid paying the bonus tax

Otros financieros y banqueros planean lo mismo. Dicen que se les va el talento porque no quieren pagar impuestos -por cierto, a recordar que cuando la Gran Depresión el Presidente Roosevelt puso tasa máxima de IRPF en 90% de las ganancias.

Tullett Prebon, a City money broker, said last week that it was offering its staff the chance to relocate, in an effort to avoid paying the super tax. But it is thought that the offer only relates to a portion of its 700-strong London staff.

Barclays’ chief executive, John Varley, waded into the bonus debate on Friday, warning that talent was likely to flee London because of the tax

– «Me voy a tener que buscar otro país que arruinar».

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