Americans don’t know just how small is Germany, they think it is a big country

Because of the constant diet of war movies on cinemas and war movies on TV, and war movies under the guise of documentaries, Americans and the world for that matter, believe that Germany must be a big country, big in size, big in resources.

Germany is much smaller than Texas or California, for example, and even in Europe it is smaller than France (the biggest EU country) or Spain (the second biggest).

A comparison in Square kilometers

USA    9,525,067 km2
Spain  505,992 km2
Germany  357,114 km2

Germany is smaller than Japan, and just about twice as big as Uruguay, (Uruguay    176,215 km2 ) the smallest South American country.

In ► comparison to the USA, Germany at 357,114 km2 in area is somewhere between Montana (380,831 km2)  and New Mexico (314,917).

Germany doesn’t have mineral and energy resources in any great quantity.

Most ►  Energy in Germany is imported, Oil, Gas and Coal of which it either doesn’t have any or has very small amounts, nevertheless it is the 6th consumer of energy for its industry and population. Gas is imported from Russia, Oil from many countries in the world and it has some low-quality national lignite.

Germany imports much electricity from France, Denmark and other European countries.

It also imports most minerals and raw stuff.

Natural resources of Germany. Ridiculous, it has less resources than Spain or France, a midget is Germany in comparison with the USA. Wikipedia lists, not in detail,

 Iron ore, coal, potash, timber, lignite, uranium, copper, petroleum, natural gas, salt, nickel, and water

All that in very small amounts, absurd it is to compare poor Germany with the USA, a continent endowed with all kind of riches in great quantities.


Why this spate of complains of Mr Trump and his government against Germany?

It is because ► Peter Navarro, head of new National Trade Council, is an incompetent, a far-right ignorant in a cabinet of corrupt, dim people, who has to hide his failure and incompetence by slagging off Germany and the EU.

Trump’s trade advis​​er says Germany uses euro to ‘exploit’ US and EU

Donald Trump’s top trade adviser has hit out at Germany and accused the country of gaining an unfair trade advantage from the “grossly undervalued” euro.

In a sign that the Trump administration is targeting currencies in its approach to trade deals, Peter Navarro, the head of the US president’s new National Trade Council, told the Financial Times  that the euro was like an “implicit Deutsche Mark”.

The comments sent the euro to an eight-week high against the dollar…


☼ In Spain ►El País, the most important Spanish paper (and as a newspaper, perhaps the best in the world) says in its English edition,

The destructiveness of Donald Trump

The US president has a habit of creating chaos all around him in an alarming manner

The latest of Trump’s targets on the internet has been German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This week the president once again criticized Germany for the trade surplus it runs with the United States, as if that constituted an affront, and ended the message with a threat that would be more suited to a low-class barroom, and which is completely unacceptable in international politics and relations between allies: “This will change.”

No doubt Trump, who is used to belittling and personally attacking his rivals, will find it hard to understand why Merkel’s main rival, the social-democrat Martin Schulz, came out in support of Merkel’s position. Schulz has described Trump as the “destroyer of all Western values,” an expression that for the US president – who is a fan of using brusque language – will not seem particularly strong, but is, all the same, a harsh summing up of what the current resident of the White House is doing.

These Western values are, without a doubt, also American…


☼ The economic measures under Trump are also criticized by a leading Spanish economist and intellectual

Trump and the philanthropic ogre

The president is dusting off the old and unscientific “Laffer curve,” which did so much damage under Reagan

The members of Donald Trump’s government have more money between them than a third of all the citizens of the United States.

They are a good example of how existence determines the conscience.

This Cabinet is responsible for presenting the “America First” budget plan, which is a great example of redistribution in reverse: on the spending side, more for defense and national security and less for anything related to social assistance; and on the income side, “the biggest cuts in history” (Trump dixit), with reductions in company tax, the elimination of inheritance tax, a simplification of income tax and the elimination of a surcharge that was paying for Obamacare. A very favorable outcome for the richest.


☼ Meanwhile, while Trump plays with his telephone, the Europeans get on with their job.

EU Commissioner Malmström ‘Millions of U.S. Jobs Depend On Trade with EU’

In an interview, European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström of Sweden discusses the best way of dealing with free trade foe Donald Trump, unfair Chinese business practices and why it will likely take a «number of years» before the EU reaches a deal on future ties with post-Brexit Britain


☼ put it simply, the American people have made a mistake, and must put their act together -as says Der Spiegel,

A Danger to the World, It’s Time to Get Rid of Donald Trump

Donald Trump has transformed the United States into a laughing stock and he is a danger to the world. He must be removed from the White House before things get even worse. A DER SPIEGEL Editorial by Klaus Brinkbäumer

31 Mayo 2017


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