In Sinapia, Bread and Circus -that is, Football

With this problem with Cataluña (or catalonia if you wish, I write it lower case because it is really a very small problem) they had to do something to keep the masses in one of those useless, eternal polemics, so they made a new shirt for the national football team.

The shirt for these millionaires of the kicks is by convention of a deep red color, the national flag being red and yellow.

This time they put a strip on it, and the scandal!

One of the strips is of a purple, kind of purplish, color.



Morado, in Spanish, and purple was one of the three stripes in the Republican flag.


As you can see it is not the same purple -morado- color at all, the one they put in the football shirt  is kind of greyish, not the beautiful republican purple.

Never mind, this is enough to create an enormous polemic, and that is the idea, the people discuss this, scum politicians like Iglesias from the ultra-left muddy the waters, the far right see, eeh, purple, over this,

An everybody kind of forgets that their country is going down the drain.

Football is politics, at least in Spain  in Sinapia I mean, football was politics at the time of Franco and it is politics in this thing they call democracy, where we are free, Free! free to chose the color of our chains.


Por Armando

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