The abundance of jobs, even now in the middle of a crisis, contrasts with the situation in Spain

Even unworthy English people, fired from their jobs for stealing and other misdemeanors find it easy to survive, either from the Social Security –it pays little but in some cases if they are single mothers or if they pool together their small subsidies they can get by–  or because they can find another low-paying job easily enough, the next day if they want.

That contrasts with the dismal situation in Spain, where even honest hard working people can not find any kind of jobs, a situation worse than that in many Third World countries.

Certainly the Spanish businessmen are to blame for this, but the government in Spain and not just the National Government, also the local governments often corrupt and thieving –most notably in the Costas, destroyed and corrupted by the Popular party that misrules in half of Spain, must be blamed for this outrageous situation.


Por Armando

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