Esto va a ser una cosa muy seria, y pronto, ya mismo

Hace un par de meses lei un artículo en un diario inglés avisando del progreso de la epidemia en África, en países de la costa atlántica. Me pareció importante, lo guardé, lo guardé tan bien que ahora no lo encuentro. Pero da igual, la epidemia ya está aquí -quiero decir, ya está en África y creciendo y se extiende. Contrariamente a lo que se puede pensar es mucho más peligroso que se extienda por África que ocurriera algún caso en Europa o en América, porque la enfermedad en los países desarrollados se puede contener, y los enfermos bien tratados no mueren, o no en alta proporción. En África se están muriendo de Ébola hasta médicos.

El ébola llega a Nigeria

Un hombre que llegó a Lagos desde Liberia es la primera víctima de la enfermedad en el país
  • El jefe de la lucha contra el ébola en Sierra Leona se infecta


Patrick Sawyer, a consultant for the Liberian Ministry of Finance, arrived in Nigeria on Tuesday and was immediately detained by health authorities suspecting he might have ebola.

Authorities announced on Friday that blood tests from the Lagos University Teaching Hospital confirmed Sawyer died of ebola earlier that day. Sawyer reportedly did not show ebola symptoms when he boarded the plane.

Nearly 50 other passengers on the flight are being monitored for signs of ebola but are not being kept in isolation, said an employee at Nigeria’s Ministry of Health, who insisted on anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to the media.

Sawyer’s sister also died of ebola in Liberia, according to Liberian officials, but Sawyer claimed to have had no contact with her.

Ebola is highly contagious and kills more than 70% of people infected. It is passed by touching bodily fluids of patients even after they die.

Esta es la mayor epidemia en el mundo, ahora mismo, han muerto 600 personas y afecta a tres países, Guinea, Liberia y Sierra Leona -no se cuenta aún Nigeria por este caso solo.

¤ En Mayo, o sea hace poco muy poco, Jean Marie Le Pen el famoso ultraderechista saltó proponiendo al Ébola como solución al problema de la superpoblación -de la superpoblación de negros está claro, eso es lo que le molesta.

Yo, cuando lo leí me maliceé que algo estaban tramando. O que por lo menos el fascista viejo tenía información confidencial de que ya estaba ocurriendo una epidemia en África.

Jean-Marie Le Pen suggests Ebola as solution to global population explosion

Virus ‘could sort out demographic explosion’ and by extension Europe’s ‘immigration problem’, says founder of Front National


«Monseigneur Ebola could sort that out in three months,» he said in front of journalists.

Later, addressing supporters, Le Pen, 85, said he feared the French population risked being «replaced … by immigrants».

«In our country and in all Europe, we have known a cataclysmic phenomenon – a migratory invasion that, my friends, we are seeing only the beginning of today.»

Le Pen, who is standing as MEP for the south-east seat, added: «This massive immigration risks producing a real replacement of populations if we don’t arrive in power soon enough to put an end to the politics of decadence that has been followed for decades.»

He said that religion added an «aggravating factor» to this problem because many immigrants were Muslim and Islam had a «conquering vocation … and even more conquering when it feels strong and they feel numerous»

¤ En el mundo actual supercomunicado todo se acelera. Si el portador fallecido u otro caso igual en vez de volar a Lagos, Nigeria, una metrópoli con bastantes medios o medios suficientes, llega a ir a Iraq, o Siria u otra zona en guerra se puede desencadenar una Pandemia mundial mortífera.


Y en ese caso el rico Occidente también sufrirá, porque contra esta enfermedad causada por el virus, no hay medicinas, el enfermo, si se cura acaso, es por cuidados intensivos que por su mismo carácter no se pueden aplicar a millones de enfermos simultáneamente.

¤ Que no cunda el panico, la ciencia trabaja en un remedio.

Afortunadamente. :-))  los EEUU están muy preocupados de que alguien use el Ébola como arma de guerra contra ellos, y buscan una medicina o vacuna contra este virus monstruoso.


Por cierto morirse de esto es horrible, el virus produce horribles ampollas llenas de líquido infeccioso, luego te licua por dentro y te vas líquido en chorros de diarrea y sangre por los orificios naturales, infectando a todo cristiano que esté cerca.

ebola, ampollas

Y el hombre que se salva es infeccioso su esperma por tres meses, puede transmitir la enfermedad hasta 3 meses después.

 US bioterror fears are driving Ebola drug development

Research provoked by the 9/11 attacks has given us the best hope yet of averting future Ebola epidemics in West Africa, says Curtis Abraham

IF ONE good thing comes out of the unfolding crisis in West Africa, where hundreds have fallen victim to the Ebola virus, it’s the hope that it will redouble efforts around the world to develop new treatments.

The outbreak is the deadliest to date. In Guinea nearly 300 people have died. Confirmed cases and deaths have also hit neighbouring Liberia and Sierra Leone. The World Health Organization listed a total of 759 cases and 467 deaths by the end of June. Health workers fear the disease is out of control.

Concerned by the march of the virus, aided by funeral rituals which involve physical contact with the dead and fearful family members hiding sick relatives, the WHO gathered health ministers from 11 countries in the region for talks on a coordinated response.

The unprecedented scale of the epidemic calls for unprecedented action and innovation to stop the death and suffering. Dying in isolation wards is neither attractive to patients nor their families. No wonder the relatives of some people infected in Sierra Leone snatched their kin and took them home to care for them.

So what hope of a medical advance soon? Ironically, the key driver for drug development is US interest in infectious diseases because of their potential use as bioweapons. After anthrax was mailed to news organisations and politicians in the US in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured into research of this type.


So far no vaccine has been approved for Ebola; candidate drugs are years away from human use. But post-infection treatments intended to save lives are more advanced. They include TKM-Ebola, a drug being developed by Canadian firm Tekmira under a $140 million contract with the US Department of Defense. It targets genes vital to the virus to reduce its impact. The survival rate in monkeys given the drug was 100 per cent. In January, clinical trials began to evaluate safe dosage and side effects. In March, the US Food and Drug Administration fast-tracked development of TKM-Ebola.

Other hopeful approaches include the identification of antibodies against the Zaire strain of the virus, which is responsible for the current outbreak.Monkeys given cocktails of such antibodies survived infection.

To make the leap from lab to treatment, though, requires a lot of money. With the world watching events in Africa, more resources might follow. Public funding is the key. Since 1976, Ebola has infected less than 3000 people, so the commercial drive for drug development is low.

While the fact that drugs are on the horizon is no consolation for those hit by the current outbreak, its scale and an enduring fear of bioterrorism in the US might just mean next time is different.

(este artículo copiado, se public en New Scientist, prestigiosa revista británica)


Hospital africano, caso de Ébola



¤ Médico norteamericano se infecta de Ébola en Liberia

The aid organisation Samaritan’s Purse issued a news release on Saturday saying Dr Kent Brantly was being treated at a hospital in Monrovia, the capital. Brantly had been serving as medical director for the aid organisation’s case management centre there.

Samaritan’s Purse spokeswoman Melissa Strickland said Brantly’s wife and children had been living with him in Africa, but were now in the US.

The disease has already killed 672 in four West African countries since the outbreak began earlier this year.

☼ Médico  muere de Ebola en Liberia . Muchos medicos y enfermeros mueren de Ebola.

Liberia doctor the latest Ebola victim

Dr Samuel Brisbane becomes first doctor in west African nation to die, as second US healthcare worker is infected

Dr Samuel Brisbane is the first Liberian doctor to die in an outbreak, which the WHO says has killed 129 people in the west African nation. A Ugandan doctor working in the country died this month.

He was working as a consultant with the internal medicine unit at the country’s largest hospital, the John F Kennedy Memorial Medical Center in Monrovia.

After falling ill, he was taken to a treatment centre on the outskirts of the capital, where he died

Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian charity, announced at the weekend that an American doctor was infected. Dr Kent Brantly had been isolated at the group’s Ebola treatment centre at the ELWA hospital in the Liberian capital, Monrovia.

A second American, Nancy Writebol, later tested positive for the virus at the same medical compound, said Ken Isaacs, of Samaritan’s Purse. Isaacs said Writebol, who works with the allied aid group SIM, was in a stable but serious condition at a hospital near Monrovia.

☼  The situation «is getting more and more scary,»

PS.  Ms Writebol tested positive after working as a hygienist decontaminating those entering and leaving the hospital’s Ebola care centre, the US aid group Samaritan’s Purse said.

Dr Brantly, 33, was the medical director of the centre when he fell ill. He was described as being in a stable but very serious condition, according to Samaritan’s Purse’s Ken Isaacs, who added: “It’s been a shock to everyone on our team to have two of our players get pounded with the disease.”

On Saturday Dr Samuel Brisbane, one of Liberia’s most prominent health officials treating Ebola patients at the country’s largest hospital, died after contracting the disease.

A Ugandan doctor working in Liberia also died earlier this month, while last week the virus infected Sheikh Umar Khan, Sierra Leone’s chief Ebola doctor

* Una aerolínea de Nigeria suspende todos los vuelos  con los países afectados de Ebola, para proteger a Nigeria, el país mas poblado de África.

Si la enfermedad se extiende por Nigeria las consecuencias pueden ser terribles para África -y para el mundo.


Para saber más

Ebola virus disease

☼ Un video de la BBC explica en un minutos con imágenes y lo que es el Ébola

In 60 seconds: What is Ebola? (bbc)

Están los ingleses un poco asustados por el Ébola.  No deberían, la enfermedad cuando llegue no matará a muchos, hay buenos servicios médicos y tratamientos.

Pero si se declara y prende en Lagos, la ciudad más populosa de África ¡21 millones de personas, la mitad de la población española en una «ciudad» ! eso sí es peligroso.

☼  Mientras el fascista Le Pen dice estupideces, y otros se creen que sólo los negros se van a morir -los africanos son personas, ché- pero si esto se dispara nos va a pescar a todos, Médecins Sans Frontières lucha contra la enfermedad, se juegan la vida en lo peor. Y es realmente asustante lo que ocurre !!

Vea lo que informa MSF

Operational Update: The Ebola outbreak in West Africa

In Sierra Leone – now the epicentre of the epidemic, with 454 cases recorded so far – MSF is rapidly scaling up its response, with 22 international and 250 Sierra Leonean staff currently working in the country. In Kailahun, in the east of the country, the team is running a 64-bed Ebola treatment centre. Since the facility opened on 25 June, 131 suspected, probable and confirmed patients have been admitted for treatment.

In Liberia, the situation is deteriorating rapidly, with cases now confirmed in seven counties, including in the capital Monrovia.

Already stretched beyond capacity in Guinea and Sierra Leone, MSF is able to provide only limited technical support to the Liberian Ministry of Health (MoH). MSF has set up an Ebola treatment centre in Foya, in Lofa county in northern Liberia, where cases have been increasing since the end of May. After the initial set up, MSF handed over the management of the centre to non-governmental organisation Samaritan’s Purse on 8 July. >> Es donde ocurrieron los casos de contaminación de médicos, enfermeras y muertes.

☼ En Guinea la situación mejora.  In Guinea, the situation has stabilised in some areas and MSF has closed its Ebola treatment centre in Telimélé, in the west of the country, after no new cases were reported for 21 days.

Of the 59 confirmed Ebola patients admitted to the centre since 25 March, 63 percent recovered and were able to return home. However, cured patients continue to face stigma from their communities and even some of MSF’s Guinean staff prefer not to reveal where they are working for fear of being ostracized by their families.


☼ La WHO/oms se lo tiene que tomar en serio y enviar todas sus fuerzas, dinero, equipos humanos y medios contra esto.

☼  PS. Lunes. El doctor que trató al enfermo de Ébola en Nigeria se ha contagiado.

Doctor who treated U.S. businessman who died from Ebola becomes the second person to contract the virus in Nigeria

The confirmed second case is a doctor who treated Patrick Sawyer (pictured), who died last month, days after arriving in Nigeria from Liberia.

¿Y está ya en UK?

Hay un caso aún no confirmado. Un  pasajero (mujer, 71 años)  procedente de Sierra Leona se ha muerto al llegar al aeropuerto de Londres, Heathrow.

A woman at London’s Heathrow airport collapsed and died on the jetway as she was exiting a flight from Sierra Leone. Witnesses report swear was pouring off her, she seemed to be convulsing and was vomiting heavily.

Ebola may have just touched down in the worlds busiest airport.

☼ El avión en cuarentena, y tratan de localizar a los pasajeros.

The plane was quarantined as ­officials desperately tried to trace everyone who had been in contact with the woman.

Airport workers faced an anxious wait to see if the woman had Ebola. One said: “Everyone’s just ­petrified.

“We’ve all seen how many people have died from Ebola, especially in Sierra Leone, and it’s terrifying.”

☼ Los análisis han dado negativo.

At around 11pm on Sunday, the Department of Health said that tests for the deadly Ebola virus on the woman who died at Gatwick had proved negative

Por suerte. Pero con cientos de vuelos desde África hasta los países europeos, es simplemente cuestión de tiempo que llegue alguno enfermo.
UK tiene una unidad especial, con dos camas, para tratar casos sospechosos de Ébola.
Sólo una unidad, sólo dos camas, y un equipo de Sanidad la más preparada del mundo.
En otros países deben imitar la anticipación que Gran Bretaña pone en este caso.

Uno de los centros más avanzados del mundo en la Investigación de enfermedades tropicales

Asociado con,

Hospital for Tropical Diseases

is a specialist tropical disease hospital located in London, United Kingdom. It is part of the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and is closely associated with University College London and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. It is the only NHS hospital dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases and travel-related infections.

☼ Los negros no hacen caso de las advertencias de las autoridades

El ébola es, probablemente, transmitido por los grandes murciélagos que comen fruta, y por monos.

Ebola risk unheeded as Guinea’s villagers eat bats

Los africanos no hacen caso de las recomendaciones, y siguen comiendo de esos murciélagos, y de los monos.

Así fue, parecido, como llegó el sida, por cierto. Hace tiempo, no hace mucho, algunos negros se comieron algunos monos medio crudos, se pescaron el virus HIV.  El virus se propagaba, pero como la gente no se movía mucho de su pueblo, tarda mucho en matar, a veces se morían todos en un pueblo, en fin, no se transmitía lejos.

Pero los viajes, las guerras (muchos cubanos y haitianos que fueron a Angola soldados a ayudar al gobierno «revolucionario» que había regresaron infectados (por coger a muchas negras, alguna infectada) y lo extendieron, y de ahí, y por vías aéreas (un famoso tripulante homosexual canadiense fue el caso cero, se lo pasó a cientos de otros homosexuales, y se sabe perfectamente su nombre y el nombre de sus amantes hombres que infectó) se extendió por el mundo, infectó los bancos de sangre y se tardó años en encontrar algunas medicinas contra el sida, vacunas no hay.

☼ Una intelectual africana regresa de Nigeria y no la quiere tratar la comadrona, por las dudas…

Escribe un muy buen artículo sobre la temprana ola de xenofobia que ya trae:

I’m now two thirds of the way through my second pregnancy, and was due to have a routine midwife’s appointment the day after my flight landed at Heathrow. The only problem was that my midwives refused to see me. They took this precaution as a result of two factors – my poorly toddler, who had a slight temperature, and heavy news coverage of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa. They referred me instead to my GP. Their wisdom was debatable. I was travelling from Nigeria, a country in which so far only two people have been quarantined as a result of possible contact with the disease. And in any case, a GP’s waiting room is not the best place to take a potentially deadly virus. Thank goodness I’m not infected.

Un artículo digno de leerse, y los comentarios británicos, de todo tipo pero bastante mejores que los que se leen en la prensa española, que reflejan la brutalidad, del español -no se ofendan las escasas excepciones.

Y en Uruguay, la lepra

Son de criticar los africanos, pero no olvidemos que en Uruguay hay lepra, porque los brutos del interior se comen a las mulitas (= tatú, armadillo, Dasypus spp), y estos sabrosos animales están infectados de lepra, y alguno se la pesca.

Capaz que hasta es prohibido de comerla, ni puto caso que hacen.



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