Los especuladores del 0,1 % tratan de destruir a Grecia y al Euro. Mientras especulan degradan sus bancos las agencias como S & P

Los especuladores, los moneychangers como los llamó Roosevelt en su famoso discurso del New Deal, tratan de hacer sangre con los problemas de Grecia, tirarles el valor en la venta en corto shorting, babear su furia y envidia contra el euro y rivalizan a ver quién inventa nuevos insultos contra los mediterráneos, o recicla los muy conocidos insultos racistas de los ingleses.

Seguramente no son sólo ingleses, probablemente sean más de otros países, pero los ingleses son los más expresivos al menos en los diarios que yo leo.

Uno de los más babosos artículos lo publicó The Telegraph, 29-1-2010 y por este se ve la penosa idea de los demás.

Greece strikes fear into euro lovers everywhere

Seen the film Grease? Don’t worry, there’s a better drama unfolding.
The debt crisis engulfing Greece has dominated financial markets all week. Alistair Osborne gives his take.

… The power they’re «supplyin’, it’s electrifyin», is how Papandreou almost put it on Thursday, as the yield on 10-year Greek bonds shot to 7.15pc – with the spreads over German bunds topping 4 percentage points, the highest since Greece joined the euro. Papandreou actually said: «We are being targeted, particularly by those with an ulterior motive.»
… Frankly, you don’t need any ulterior motive to spot why market traders have identified ouzoland as the weak link in the chain tying 16 European countries to a single currency. The eurozone looked a heroic enough proposition anyway – before the financial crisis drove home the nonsense of having so many countries locked together through thick and thin, unable to devalue or set their own interest rates. Not least for the PIGS – Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain – which need a different curative to Germany.

O sea, insultos uno tras otro: Grease en vez de Grecia, o sea greasers/grasientos que es como estos arruinados llaman a los mediterráneos.  PIGS, que disimula tras las iniciales el llamarnos cerdos. Un comentario de uno de ellos, aunque en este caso es norteamericano el cabrón:

** They don’t call it PIGS for nothing. But let’s be serious here, the value of Euro and Pound higher than the USD? What a joke! Manipulation galore. The EU has a bunch of bankrupt economies, an aging population, no natural resources, never invent anything really revolutionary. Meanwhile, the US gives to EU the cellular and GPS concept, for free, while Steve Jobs and Google still have to come back to teach Ericson and Nokia how to make them right. That Euro and Pound should be 0.30. You guys got nothing going on, just mass immigration of illiterates from Third World, ponzi schemes, and financial arbitrage. That’s it. Nothing else to justify a stronger currency. You know it; look around you.

El tema de verdad, que los especuladores piensan que pueden arramplar, y ser el próximo Soros -que curiosamente parece no se involucra contra el euro, Grecia y toda esta joda.  Soros se hizo rico, riquísimo, especulando contra la libra y los ingleses le besan el culo de una manera realmente increíble ¡le están tan agradecidos que los empobreciera!

Traders scent blood. Greece must raise €54bn (£47bn) this year, half of it in the second quarter, or face defaulting on its debts. The sum alone brings more tears to your eyes than the national tipple (el ouzo, que es como Anís el Mono).

Esta gente parece una olla llena de arañas, chupándose los jugos unos a otros.  Yo les comenté ahí

Keep up the quality, Telegraph!  PIGS, ouzoland, Grease. Well done. What you can expect from Misters 0.1 per cent.

¡ No la publicaron !  Estos infelices están arruinados y para disimular se dedican a insultar a los demás. Se ve que lo del 0.1% los jodió cantidad.

En honor a la verdad, y hay que distinguir entre las arañas estas que entran en los foros para tirar abajo los valores griegos -porque han vendido en corto, es decir, van a ganar mucho si caen y cuanto más caigan más ganan- y el inglés normal y decente que son muchos y se dan cuenta que estas arañas los están matando.

Una opinión más razonable de un comentador:

** Articles like this one illustrate how Britain has resorted to self adulation after having failed to take a prominent role in Europe, leaving Germany and France to become the EUs nations of stature. The poor state of the PIGS national finances is not much different to the malady facing Britain – a nation with rather pathetic delusions of grandeur fostered by Americans who see The City as toads who can disguise their bad debts before sale to unwitting Europeans, Middle Easterners and Asians. It would be interesting, and good journalism, to see an article investigating how 70% of America’s bad CDO/CMO derivatives were sold through London…. no wonder they deserve such large bonuses.

Europe is clearly about to test its commitments to the Treaty of Rome, however, I suspect the path is already set with Germany sharing a disproportionate burden, just like they did when integrating East Germany into the EU. However, Germans and others who look at this from a negative point of view miss an important point. Europe’s strength is derived from its currency and size, just like the United States who fear the Euro now that it is the worlds most highly traded currency. Barry Eichengreen makes it clear how the Dollar, and petrodollar, underpinned America’s commercial advantage over the past 40 years with American businesses able to borrow at interest rates significantly lower than other nations. Those days are coming to an end, and the NeoCons ‘New American Century’ is sagging under humungous debts that will eventually result in defaults. When that happens would you want to be trading under the Drachma or Euro?

So, face it like a man, the net benefit of European stability to Germany, France, and other EU nations far outweighs the cost of having to support nations with broken finances like Britain and Greece. Of course, U.S. Neocons are hoping Britian will sink the Euro, with investment bankers the main beneficiary, likewise nationalistic journalists are feeding the British public with xenophobia. If they win, Brits can take pride in winning the Olympic arse-kissing contest before heading to Jesus Camp.

Incluso un artículo de Stiglitz (Premio Nobel) en The Guardian causó que las arañas de la especulación entraran en patota a putear a Grecia

A principled Europe would not leave Greece to bleed

Unless it is one rule for the big and powerful and another for the small, the EU must stand behind Athens’ new leadership

Greece has been condemned by European officialdom for its huge deficits. «No government or state can expect from us any special treatment,» comes the warning from Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank. But Trichet failed to note that there had long been a double standard – in effect two Maastricht treaties, one for the large and powerful countries, another for the smaller and less powerful. When France broke the EU edict not to let debt exceed 3% of GDP, there were strong words, but little else.

Of course, Trichet may claim there is a difference between what Greece and the many other countries that have broken the limits have done. There is a difference of size. But there is also a difference in culpability and consequences. Greece’s large deficit has implications for the future of the citizens of Greece, but not for the stability of the euro – unlike a similarly large deficit on the part of one of the larger countries.

A large part of Greece’s deficit is the result of the global recession, whose impact was felt acutely by many countries who were not responsible for causing it. … Unfortunately, European leaders have compounded Greece’s problems. Their statements have sent the interest rates it has to pay soaring, making it all the more difficult for Greece to tame its deficits.

Los comentarios del nido de arañas me fastidiaron tanto que los acusé de miserables envidiosos, y va uno, discrepa y sin darse cuenta de lo que escribe, ¡otorga! lleno de envidia que los griegos gastan plata, en Grecia, ¡cómo se atreven los griegos a gastar plata en su país! Y hasta tienen chalets, esos griegos gastadores -mientras que los ingleses van a Grecia de vacaciones contando los vintenes y no les alcanzan.

armandobronca What a competition of meanness and envy. Greeks are only 11 million people, Europe more than 500 million people, any reasonable austerity plan will do it. Zapatero, rotating president of the EU, has said that they will be helped.

Respuesta: It’s not about meanness, it’s about irresponsible behaviour by the Greeks.
Greeks are still spending like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t just mean the government, I mean the people too. Just look at the way people flash their cash in Athens.
There should be no question of Europe stepping in while the average Greek is blithely ignoring the seriousness of their situation. There needs to be a huge culture shock in Greece to wake them up to reality. They might even do something about the corruption that is rife in their public sector.

I say no EU (more) money for them til that’s happened.
Wait for the Greek government to raise half the money it needs from taxes on people’s second and third homes (very common in Greece) and then we’ll see.

Ya ven Uds.  Mientras tanto la crisis se agudiza, S & P degrada los bancos ingleses (no sé si eso incluye también a los que ha comprado el Santander), British Airways declara otras pérdidas fabulosas (tras unirse con Iberia, o sea se juntaron el hambre y las ganas de comer) y vamos de mal en peor, con Mr Blair entreteniendo al personal con una investigación sobre Iraq, de resultados más que cantados.

Por Armando

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