George Monbiot [ biografía de G M ] hoy un artículo: «El Colapso de la Bolsa es mezquino comparado con el Colapso de la Naturaleza

Make Poverty History !


This stock collapse is petty when compared to the nature crunch


Ecology and economy are both derived from the Greek word oikos – a house or dwelling. Our survival depends on the rational management of this home: the space in which life can be sustained. The rules are the same in both cases. If you extract resources at a rate beyond the level of replenishment, your stock will collapse. That’s another noun which reminds us of the connection. The Oxford English Dictionary gives 69 definitions of «stock». When it means a fund or store, the word evokes the trunk – or stock – of a tree, «from which the gains are an outgrowth». Collapse occurs when you prune the tree so heavily that it dies. Ecology is the stock from which all wealth grows.  [ … ]

Ecological collapse, Diamond shows, is as likely to be the result of economic success as of economic failure. The Maya of Central America, for instance, were among the most advanced and successful people of their time. But a combination of population growth, extravagant construction projects and poor land management wiped out between 90% and 99% of the population. [ … ]

Here are some of the reasons why people fail to prevent ecological collapse. Their resources appear at first to be inexhaustible; a long-term trend of depletion is concealed by short-term fluctuations; small numbers of powerful people advance their interests by damaging those of everyone else; short-term profits trump long-term survival. The same, in all cases, can be said of the collapse of financial systems. Is this how human beings are destined to behave?

But one of the benefits of modernity is our ability to spot trends and predict results. [ … ]


 El artículo es muy bueno.  Si en este caso Monbiot no dice algo muy original y nuevo, porque se ha dicho muchas veces, lo ha escrito muy bien.  Los comentarios a su artículo también suelen ser muy interesantes. Esta es su Página Personal.

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