Water, the Blue Gold

Barcelona needs 650 000 m3 of water every day, but it can no longer find that much in the dry rivers and empty reservoirs of Spain.
Marseilles starts sending 25 000 m3 of water to Barcelona, and more to come.
In 2009 a desalination plant will provide Barcelona with 200 000 m3 a day. One dares say it won’t run on hydroelectric power, also in crisis in the region.

With the deadly increase in maximum temperatures in Summer, the lack of snow in Winter, little rain in Spring or Autumn, Spain looks more and more like Algeria, the Saharan country just a short way at the other side of the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile the Minister of Environment only worries about the tourists, little things like that, when Spain is about to suffer an ecological collapse.
The population, lied to by the Popular Party, only talks about diverting the diminishing waters of the river Ebro. This once mighty river will very soon look like this.
Ahora, pero muy pronto ...
but very soon, dry

Por Armando

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