Un profesor británico dice que los banqueros destruyeron el mundo por el gusto y placer que les dio hacerlo mierda, que lo hicieron porque podían hacerlo

Bankers ‘caused credit crisis for kicks’

Dr Paul Crosthwaite of Cardiff University has argued that bankers and other investors took on excessive risks not just to make money but for the «desire» and «exhilaration» of destruction.

«For its participants and speculators alike, the crash is not simply an object of fear or anxiety, or even of mere fascination, but also of an inchoate but urgent desire,» Dr Crosthwaite wrote in an article published in Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities.

In Blood on the Trading Floor: Waste, Sacrifice and Death in Financial Crises, Dr Crosthwaite claims his anthropological study of investors and traders found evidence of an element of masochistic satisfaction in running up losses.

He maintains that the crisis was the modern equivalent to the traditional Native American practice of «potlatch«, a ritual ceremony in which the chiefs of rival tribes competed to destroy ever greater quantities of their own possessions as an expression of power and importance.

It’s human nature: the bankers could do it again.

Dr Crosthwaite hizo un estudio antropológico de los traders, banqueros e inversores y encontró «una satisfacción masoquista en tener pérdidas.»

Sostiene que ha sido el equivalente moderno del Potlach, un ritual de los indios norteamericanos y canadienses que destruían, regalaban e incluso quemaban sus propias posesiones para mostrar su poderío.

Deduce que si no se les controla lo volverán a hacer, porque está en la naturaleza humana hacer estas cosas si no se les impide.


The potlatch was a cultural practice much studied by ethnographers. Sponsors of a potlatch give away many useful items such as food, blankets, worked ornamental mediums of exchange called «coppers», and many other various items. In return, they earned prestige. To give a potlatch enhanced one’s reputation and validated social rank, the rank and requisite potlatch being proportional, both for the host and for the recipients by the gifts exchanged. Prestige increased with the lavishness of the potlatch, the value of the goods given away in it.

Some groups, such as the Kwakwaka’wakw, used the potlatch as an arena in which highly competitive contests of status took place. In some cases, goods were actually destroyed after being received, or instead of being given away. The catastrophic mortalities due to introduced diseases laid many inherited ranks vacant or open to remote or dubious claim providing they could be validated with a suitable potlatch.

El Potlach fue prohibido por los EEUU y por Canadá en el siglo 19 y esta prohibición duró hasta 1951.  Actualmente los indios lo siguen haciendo como tradición cultural y forma de repartir comunitariamente sus bienes, sin el aspecto destructivo y competitivo que tuvo en su peor momento.

Quién iba a decir que Wall Street y la City iban a hacer un potlach que quemó los bienes del mundo.  ,,

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