Los Grandes Empresarios, y los sitios en la Red que lucharon por divulgar este importante mensaje para la Humanidad, coinciden: El Pico Petrolero es una realidad

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The Next Crisis: Prepare for Peak Oil
Against the gloomy economic backdrop that Europe currently provides, siren voices shrieking that a potential energy crisis is imminent and could be worse than the credit crunch are liable to be dismissed as scaremongers. Since they are led by Sir Richard Branson, whose Virgin group runs an energy-guzzling airline, and include Brian Souter, who runs Stagecoach, another energy-hungry transport business, they are also at risk of being seen as self-interested scaremongers.
But the work of the Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security shouldn’t be disparagingly dismissed. Its arguments are well founded and lead it to the conclusion that, while the global downturn may have delayed it by a couple of years, peak oil—the point at which global production reaches its maximum—is no more than five years away. Governments and corporations need to use the intervening years to speed up the development of and move toward other energy sources and increased energy efficiency. 

☼ La Próxima Crisis: Prepararse para  el Pico Petrolero

En el deprimente clima económico europeo, estas sirenas que aullan de una crisis energética inminente y peor que el colapso del crédito podrían calificarse de alarmistas.  Como las lidera Sir Richard Branson, dueño de Virgin Airlines y Brian Souter, de la empresa de autobuses Stagecoach la más importante de Gran Bretaña corren el riesgo de ser calificados de alarmistas interesados.

Pero el Grupo de Trabajo del Ministerio de Industria sobre Pico Petrolero y Seguridad y Energía declara que el Pico está a menos de cinco años de tiempo. Los gobiernos y negocios deben usar estos años para desarrollar y usar otras fuentes de energía, y aumentar la eficiencia.

The Oil ‘Crunch’ Nears
Where their argument stands out is in the timeline for when the crunch will start to destabilize the economy, politics and society in general: as early as 2015. According to the research, carried out by consultaning firm Arup, oil production levels will grow from the current 85 million barrels per day to peak at 95 million in about five years. Production won’t increase beyond that because of extraction difficulties and soaring demand from emerging markets.
☼  El Colapso Petrolero se acerca
Tan próximo como el año 2015 se desestabiliza la economía, la política y la sociedad en general.
‘Britain should prepare itself for an imminent oil price shock’
Peak oil prices are an imminent risk to the stability of the British economy and the standard of living of its most vulnerable members, an industry taskforce warned yesterday.
Despite the extra two years’ grace thanks to the recession, the rising cost of oil will affect every aspect of British lives within five years, warned the UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security, which includes Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, the transport giant Stagecoach and the engineering consultancy Arup among its members. Travel, food, heating and retail costs are particularly exposed.
«Oil remains the building block of economic life and the UK is very vulnerable to big price rises in the future,» Sir Richard said.
☼  ‘Gran Bretaña debe prepararse para un inminente shock del precio del petróleo’
Un riesgo inminente para la estabilidad de la economía británica y el standard de vida del público más pobre. 
A pesar de dos años extra, gracias a la recesión, el precio en ascenso del petróleo afectará todos los aspectos de la vida británica, en los próximos cinco años, avisa el Grupo de Trabajo.
Transporte, alimentos, calefacción y venta al detall están en particular riesgo.
‘El Petróleo sigue siendo la piedra fundamental de la vida económica, y UK es muy vulnerable a los altos precios del futuro’, dijo Sir Richard Branson.
Oil crunch ‘just five years away’
Business leaders, including Sir Richard Branson, have criticised ministers for not doing enough to avoid a potential oil crunch and are calling on the next government to take action.
«Governments need to urgently, urgently wake up,» insists Sir Richard in an interview with the BBC News website.
☼  Colapso Petrolero, ‘en cinco años’
Leaders de la industria y los negocios critican a los ministros por no hacer lo que deben para evitar un Colapso próximo, y llaman al próximo gobierno a actuar.
‘Los gobiernos urgentemente se tienen que espabilar’, insistió Sir Richard Branson en una entrevista con la BBC.
Britain ‘faces fuel shortages and dearer food by 2015’
THE UK will be hit by an «oil crunch» within five years that will push up food prices and threaten to bring transport grinding to a halt, business leaders have warned.
Oil shortages by 2020 due to Western ‘profligacy’, says energy boss
Ian Marchant, who heads the £10bn FTSE-100 company, is among a group of corporate leaders warning that the world’s demand for oil is on the brink of outstripping industry’s ability to produce.
«The West has been far too profligate in its use of oil and the price is going to say: stop it now and start using your oil as a scarce commodity,» Mr Marchant said.
☼ Gran Bretaña se enfrenta a carencia de combustible y comida más cara para el 2015
El transporte puede detenerse y la comida encarecer antes de cinco años, avisan líderes de la industria.  «Occidente ha sido despilfarrador en el uso del petróleo y el precio va a advertir: Cesad y desistir y empezar a usar el petróleo como una materia prima escasa», advirtió  Mr Marchant.
Oil exploration costs rocket as risks rise
Despite escalating challenges, the annual rate of discovery of new fields has remained remarkably constant at 15-20 billion barrels, more than enough to compensate for the loss of existing reserves that are declining at between 5 and 15 percent a year.
But the cost of this success is staggering, and unless consumers pay more for oil in future, some analysts think we could face an energy supply crunch within a few years.
«The age of cheap oil has gone and it is not going to come back,» said Paul Stevens, senior research fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House in London.
☼  Costes de exploración de petróleo se disparan, aumentan los riesgos
«El tiempo del petróleo barato ya fue, y no va a volver».
Ahmadinejad warns Israel against any military move
TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel should be resisted and finished off if it launched military action in the region, state broadcaster IRIB reported on Thursday.
☼  La tensión Irán – Israel aumenta
El Presidente de Irán dice que Israel debe ser aniquilado si lanza ataques militares.
John Michael Greer: USA Becoming a Third World Nation
In the course of writing last week’s Archdruid Report post, I belatedly realized that there’s a very simple way to talk about the scope of the brutal economic contraction now sweeping through American society – a way, furthermore, that might just be able to sidestep both the obsessive belief in progress and the equally obsessive fascination with apocalyptic fantasy that, between them, make up much of what passes for thinking about the future these days. It’s to point out that, over the next decade or so, the United States is going to finish the process of becoming a Third World country.
☼ EEUU se transforma en un país del Tercer Mundo
Brutal contracción económica que barre los EE.UU. Hay dos obsesiones absurdas en nuestra sociedad, una que cree en el Progreso, y otra fascinada con Fantasías Apocalípticas. 
En la próxima década los EEUU se volverán otro país tercermundista.
It’s not our cities that are in big trouble: what will fill the empty homes and lots of suburban America?

 ☼  No son nuestras ciudades las que tienen problemas: ¿Qué llenará las casas vacías de la América suburbana?


 CONSECUENCIAS DEL PICO PETROLERO.  Las están viviendo en España ahora mismo, pero la adjudican a otras razones, o esas razones inmediatas ocultan el problema de base.

Una primera consecuencia es que NO hay Recuperación Económica, ni en España ni en Europa, ni en Japón ni en EEUU.

Salgado y Zapatero ponen toda su esperanza en el crecimiento del PIB, sea propio de España o a remolque de la Comunidad Europea. Esto, como es evidente a los ojos, no está ocurriendo y debido al Pico Petrolero NO PUEDE OCURRIR, porque ya no puede haber Crecimiento Económico.

Esto también implica que la deuda externa NO se podra pagar, aunque no será España quien haga default primero, honor que le corresponderá a los más endeudados de todos, EEUU y Reino Unido.

Una tremenda hecatombe será la resultante.

 El Colapso de la Civilización Industrial ha comenzado

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