There is Industrial Action and Wildcat strikes among the flight controllers

A CNN video shows the conflict in Spain between the controllers and the Inspectors of the Spanish Adminisration.

Tension in the control tower

They have had their salaries reduced 40%, from 350.000 to 200.000 euros a year. Their hours of work have also been increased and they go off work for «medical reasons, stress and overwork».

The government has threatened them with sending the Air Force in their place.

Stress is what you are going to have if there is an accident because all of this.

Do not fly to Spain, take the bus.  At least in a bus crash not everyone dies.


Por Armando

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  1. estos controladores les van a dar un pequeño repaso, menos sueldo y facilidad de contratar controladpres europeos, ni siquiera tienen carrera universitaria, y se creen los reyes del mambo, unos abusadores de su posicion y el estado hace bien en recordarles que estan para trabajar no para perjudicar la economia del pais.

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