Nick Cohen, The Observer/London culpa a la Izquierda Británica por tolerar la Avaricia y permitir un Mercado Financiero sin vigilancia

En el Observer de ayer Domingo, Nick Cohen publica un extracto de su nuevo libro, Waiting for the Etonians.

Why I blame the left for Britain’s financial ruin
Three decades on, Gordon Brown and his Labour colleagues allowed the «divisive forces of corruption» and the «institutional investors» to engage in an orgy of speculation. For the first time in financial history, one of the great market manias that punctuate the history of capitalism was presided over by a centre-left rather than a centre-right administration. Like the most gullible investors in the Wall Street of the 1920s, social democrats thought «the Big Bull Market would go on and on», and did not see the crash coming. Think back to yesterday, and you will remember that they were not alone.

Estos excesos no se limitaban al mundo financiero. El mundo del arte también metió los hocicos en la zolle. En El Símbolo de Estos Tiempos lo mostré.

Creative entrepreneurs produced work to match the times. In 2007 Damien Hirst displayed the world’s most expensive piece of contemporary art, a diamond-encrusted platinum cast of a human skull. The memento mori had been a staple of Western art since the Middle Ages, so Hirst won no prizes for novelty. All that concerned onlookers was Hirst’s asking price of £50m. His work created a sensation because of its saleroom rather than its aesthetic value. The following year, on 15 September 2008, he proved that the triumph of the art sale over the artwork was complete. He auctioned at Sotheby’s pieces he cheerfully admitted his employees had mass-produced in his studios. The buyers did not care, and gave him £100m. Even the critics did not pretend to be interested in what message, if any, he had for his public, but reported the sale like business journalists covering a soaring stock. As the buyers made their bids, Lehman Brothers collapsed.

Lo de los New Etonians que ganarían las próximas elecciones va por Cameron, Johnson, Osborne y su banda de hijos de ricos. Dios les pille confesados a los ingleses, porque me tomé la molestia de averiguar que estudios tiene esta gente linda de derechas, y no saben un pijo. Me imagino que los guiris los votarán siguiendo aquel consejo, que de perdidos al río.

Recomiendo ir a leer todo el artículo, que está muy bien.

Por Armando

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