In the ongoing conflict between self-appointed Argentinian «environmentalists» and Uruguay, over a paper plant in Uruguay a new level of tension has been reached.

According to the Spanish language newspaper El Pais, de Montevideo, President Dr. Tabaré Vazquez and his Minister of Foreign Affairs believe the latests terrorist threats have credibility and intent to denounce then to International Authorities, such as the Court in The Hague.

According to this newspaper, Sr Jorge Fritzler, a radical leader in Gualeguaychú considers terrorist attacks against the cellulose plant, property of a Finnish company.
Attacks against shipping, and even smuggling TNT (trotyl) sticks into the working machinery are being considered, as a mean to destroy the plant or its work. Those are the declarations of Sr Jorge Fritzler and there has been no response from the government of Argentina.
The radicals are also going to cut the road that links Argentina with the other countries of Mercosur, that sorry imitation of the European Common Market.

Uruguay has 3,5 million people, and it is not am industrial country, its economy is based mostly on meat, wool and financial services. It is a small country, sligthly bigger than England and Wales put together. That is very small by American standards. It doesn’t have any oil or coal, only grass and plantations of eucalyptus and pines.

Argentina has about 37 million people, is the size of India and it is an industrial country, with three atomic power stations, oil and gas, a powerful navy that includes an aircraft carrier, submarines, an important weapons industry that almost overpowered the UK in the Falklands War.
This is bullying of the worst kind.

The Finnish company said that they had to built their plant in Uruguay in preference to Argentina because they didn’t have to pay any graft to the Uruguayan government.

Uruguay is trying to built some industrial base. For years they have been growing trees and now that they can reap their harvest, they face the envy, greed and bullying of a few corrupt Argentinian politicians who are trying to destroy them.

This is common knowledge in the Spanish speaking world, and even King Juan Carlos is trying to mediate in the conflict. But as our Spanish language is almost a secret language, the world doesn’t speak or read Spanish, I publish it in English so that it may reach a wider audience and public opinion may have some news of this conflict.

Por Armando

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