The Argentinian government of Mrs Kirchner, the wife of the previous president Mr Kirchner (a dinasty now) keeps harassing Uruguay, a small country of just 3,5 million people (Argentina: 35 million people or more, and the size of India), and its partner in Mercosur, that sorry imitation of the European Union.

A paper company from Finland has built a paper mill (with the latest technology) in the Uruguayan side of the river, and a Spanish company is building another farther down river.
These companies tried to build their factories in Argentina, where there are a lot more trees, but they were asked for big grafts by the corrupt governors of Argentine and they settled for Uruguay.
Since that decision, and with The International Court at The Hague studying the conflict, the Argentinian politicians pay militants to harass Uruguay, cut the circulation on the bridges that join both countries, demonstrate in front of the shipping company that is the only link open now and intimidate tourists and truckers.

Por Armando

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