Like every week Argentinian communist terrorists close today the bridges over the river Uruguay that link this small South American country with the rest of the continent, specially with Chile and that only after a long haul through Argentina.
Buenos Aires, a city of more than 10 million people, right now suffers electricity cuts. Its industries suffer power cuts for up to 10 hours a day. Many have simple closed for the duration. There is not enough liquid gas to go around for homes and for taxis. A few days ago demonstrators destroyed a railroad station in the center of the city because of the bad service. It is normal for «teachers» to demonstrate violently with tragic results.
All this and more is blamed by the govenment on the cold, in reality the temperatures are at most -1C in the city.
In this chaotic situation the Argentinian government has asked Uruguay for help and the small country is giving them electricity and gas, from its reserves and dams and from a small liquifying plant on the River Plate.
Let’s remember that Argentina is an industrial country, of sorts, with three atomic power stations, many hydroelectric dams, lots of oil and gas, even some coal, and just about 35 million inhabitants -10 million less than Spain, in spite of Argentina being the size of India that provides for about 1,2 billion people.

Very unfair.
The Argentinians are too crude to understand that


Por Armando

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