Critican a Ben Ali y a su mujer, sí, dos chorros, pero ¿Por Europa cómo andamos?

The wife of Tunisia’s ousted president fled the chaos-stricken country with one-and-a-half tons of gold worth more than £35million, it emerged yesterday.

Dubbed ‘the Imelda Marcos of the Arab world’ because of her lavish lifestyle and love of designer clothes, Leila Trabelsi is said to have demanded the gold last week as President Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali’s regime collapsed.  The chief of Tunisia’s central bank initially refused but Ben Ali, 74, personally intervened, and she flew out with the bullion as she joined him in exile in Saudi Arabia.

«La esposa del expulsado presidente Ben Ali se llevó tonelada y media de oro, £35 millones (digamos casi 50 millones de euros) se lleva el oro a reunirse con el tirano en Arabia.»

50 millones de euros es plata chica, que se lo digan a los de Marbella y a los corruptos de Valencia.

Veamos este caso en Irlanda, un país europeo, corrupto, ahora arruinado.

Irish couple owe €800m to banks

Brian and Mary Pat O’Donnell blazed a trail through Ireland’s property boom on the back of colossal credit They say Bank of Ireland is trying to make them sell a prime London asset without legal entitlement

¡ 800 millones de euros ! Es bastante más que lo del tirano Ben Alí, y no tuvieron que matar a nadie.

Estos O’Donnell, el hombre es abogado ella doctora, y que en Irlanda son casi desconocidos mantienen un perfil bajo, tomaban préstamos de bancos irlandeses (ahora arruinados y nacionalizados) y compraban carísimas propiedades, en Irlanda, en Londres,en Estocolmo y hasta en New York.

The Bank of Ireland loaned the O’Donnells €26.7m towards the £170m purchase price in 2006. The couple then went on to expand their empire to Stockholm, where they bought the city’s biggest office block, Fatburen for €285m.

In April 2008, when the worldwide credit crunch was beginning to bite and had already claimed the likes of Bear Stearns in New York, the couple were still able to access funds.

With the strength of the euro in their favour, the O’Donnells managed to outbid a group from Dubai to pay a record $172.5m (£87m) for an office building on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, just a few blocks from the White House.

This was what the O’Donnell’s Vico Capital described as «trophy class» with «sweeping views of the White House, the Monuments and the Potomac River». Its tenants included a law firm and a merchant bank and it was described in the local property press as a smart buy.

Vico Capital set a record, paying $867 (£436) for every square foot of the their Washington investment. The previous record in the American capital was $827.

Arguably, even more audacious was the acquisition of two buildings in London’s Canary Wharf – the purchase of 17 Columbus Courtyard in 2005 for £125m and 15 Westferry Circus for £140m. The first building is home to Credit Suisse and the second to Morgan Stanley.

this couple became major players and amassed an international property portfolio of more than €1.1bn (£921m) with a rent roll of some €150m (£125m) a month.

El abogado O’Donnell asesora legalmente al gobierno irlandés respecto a la montaña de malas deudas que amasaron ellos mismos.

O’Donnell, 58, is one of Dublin’s leading commercial lawyers and ironically is on a list of 64 potential legal advisers approved by Ireland’s National Asset Management Agency – the new state bank which has been charged with clearing the mountain of bad debt amassed by property developers during the good times.

Y no es el único irlandés que pegó el pelotazo. Otro como él, Derek Qinlan, ex-inspector de Hacienda !! :-))  amasó otra linda fortuna,

Quinlan, a former tax inspector who also caught the property bug, ended up with the crown jewels of London’s hotel and retail trade including the Savoy Hotel, Claridges and a retail block between Harvey Nichols and Knightsbridge in London.

Estos y otros peores saquearon los bancos irlandeses, compraron propiedades a precios exagerados -que ahora se caen al piso- y arruinaron a su país, impunemente. Ni siquiera tienen que rajar a la Arabia.

Los robos y corrupciones en Irlanda y España -en España mucho más porque había más que robar- dejan a Ben Ali como un simple moro ratero .

☼  Tunisia orders investigation into £5bn fortune of Ben Ali


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