Estas han sido sucesivas y crecientes estimaciones de la Deuda Tóxica de Bancos de EE.UU.

Bola de Mierda Americana

Bush y su equipo de Neocons ha tenido éxito en destruir el Imperio Americano y quizás a Occidente. El Imperio Americano era una cosa buena, el Sueño Americano una ilusión positiva.  Para creer en el Sueño Americano había que estar durmiendo pero el despertar va a ser horrible

Hoy caen dos grandes Bancos de Hipotecas uno Wachovia en USA, otro Bradford & Bingley en Gran Bretaña. Bancos que llevaban siglo y medio de trabajo.



Confidence in US banks nosedives after Washington Mutual collapse

Reports suggest Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Banco Santander in talks to buy Wachovia

The failure of one of America’s biggest retail banks undermined confidence in a fresh clutch of US household names today as investors digested the implications of the biggest collapse of a high-street bank on record.

Washington Mutual, which was bought by the banking giant JP Morgan for $1.9bn after being seized by the US authorities late yesterday, had a stockpile of controversial mortgages known as «option ARMs» that allow borrowers huge flexibility in setting the level of their own repayments.

While popular at the height of America’s housing boom, the mortgages have proven to be a huge liability for banks and other firms known to have exposure to them were struggling to stem an erosion in credibility.

Wachovia, a national chain with 3,000 branches and assets of $812bn, saw its shares dive by 27% and by the end of the day, it was casting around for a buyer. Reports in the US suggested that talks were underway with Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Spain’s Banco Santander.

National City Corporation, a regional bank based in Ohio, suffered a sell-off that pushed its stock down by 25% amid fears, as yet unjustified, that customers could begin withdrawing their deposits.


State ownership looms for Bradford & Bingley

Fate of bank may be decided this weekend, but Liberal Democrats say taxpayer bail-out must be last resort

  • Jill Treanor, Patrick Wintour in Washington and Lars Eriksen

Speculation intensified today that the stricken lender Bradford & Bingley will have to be nationalised if no private buyer is found.

A decision on the future of the leading buy-to-let mortgage provider could be made by the end of the weekend, Sky News reported financial sources as saying.

Yesterday, B&B shares were pummelled and its market value fell to £390m, more than 90% below its peak.

  •   Las acciones de B&B que se cotizaban a 3 libras, ahora valen 20 peniques.

En la opinión de la prensa conservadora más seria estamos ya en la Gran Depresión.  Y nada de que salimos en 2010, como dice Zapatero en plan vendedor de ilusiones.


US Economy: Even Hank Paulson’s bail-out plan cannot detox global banking

Even if Congress backs the Paulson bail-out, the $700 billion blast cannot save the US, Britain or the world from the deepest economic slump since the Thirties. If Congress balks, God help us. The credit system is suffering a heart attack. Inter-bank lending is paralysed. Funds are accepting zero interest on US Treasury notes for the first time since Pearl Harbour, because no bank account is safe.

Wherever you look – dollar, euro, sterling Libor (the rate at which banks lend to each other), or spreads on credit derivatives – the stress has reached breaking point. If borrowers cannot roll over the three-month loans that are the lifeblood of business, they will default en masse.

“Money markets are imploding. If no action is taken very soon, there is a significant risk that the global economy will collapse,” says BNP Paribas. Almost every trader says much the same thing.

Lo más irónico es que estos se retiran con premios de millones por hundir todo


Y le echan la culpa a los pobres


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